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Brand Identity

Your business logo is the face of your company! We offer high quality graphic designs for business cards, brochures, flyers, presentations, folders, ebrochures, ebook designs, posters, banners and more. Our designs are fresh and unique with call to action text that helps in increasing customer response. We also offer videos for commercial ads, music videos, business interviews, and full green screen video production.

Website Design

We build websites for Large, Medium and Small size businesses. Whether you are looking for an eCommerce web design, Membership web design, Amazon Affiliates web development, Contests & Polls, Surveys, Business Directories, Real Estate and Agents / MLS RETS, or for Property Manager, our websites are built to perform. We build competitive mobile friendly websites that triggers sales and high response rate from your web visitors.

SEO – Google 1st Page Rank

Build a powerful foundation for your website with Search Engine Optimization, Google Analytics, Google Console, Webmaster, Google My Business, Maps and Google Ads. Our Seo specialists use top of the line Seo techniques to boost your website ranking on major search engines such as Google and Bing. Each sales lead is tracked and retargeted to increase conversions. We offer Monthly SEO, site submission and & Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads.

Social Media Ads

Get started with your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube Channel and paid ads. We do complete branding for each social media network. Every network can be automated for posting according to your time and schedule. Get more clicks and sales via Facebook ads, Instagram ads, LinkedIn ads and Youtube ads. Increase your reach and gain potential customers that are hungry for your products and services.

Internet Marketing Training

Learn the most powerful internet marketing & sales strategies that the top business owners use everyday. From internet marketing planning, business startup training to hands on technical training such as for WordPress, WooCommerce, Email Marketing, Social Media Networks and Google apps. Our internet marketing experts will teach you how to use the internet to benefit your business & personal profile.

Website Design

Responsive Mobile Friendly Web Design.


Ecommerce Website Design. Online Shop.

Real Estate

Property Management & IDX MLS Web Design.


Website Maintenance & WordPress Security.

Amazon Associates

Amazon Web Design with Ecommerce.

Contests & Surveys

Contest Website Design. Online Voting & Polls.

Business Directory

Online Business Directory Web Design.

Ultra Hosting

Powerful Web Hosting. Emails, SSL & Backup.

Website Features

Live Chat, Translator, Forms, Email Marketing.

SEO 1st Page Rank

Google, Bing Search Engine Optimization.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics, Webmaster Console.

Google Ads

Pay-Per-Click Google Text & Display Ads.


Logo Design, Flyers, Brochures & more.

Photos & Videos

Photography, Video Production & Marketing.

Social Media

Business Page Design. Posting & Automation.

Facebook Ads

Facebook & Instagram Pay-Per-Click Ads.

Podcast Publishing

Podcast Website, Logo, Intro & Audio Editing.


Membership Website Design. E-Learning LMS.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Picture & Video Ads. LinkedIn PPC.

Virtual Assistance

Blog & Social Post, Video Uploads & Newsletters.

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Toronto Business Owner Says:

“Absolutely amazing web design done by VOOFA for my commercial business directory. It has Ecommerce, Business Listings User Portal and Amazon Affiliation. Thinking Web Design? Think VOOFA!”

ROBERT A. ★★★★★ 10/10 REVIEW
Website Design Toronto Company

Calgary Business Owner Says:

“VOOFA has been handling our Google Ads for 3 years. They have helped our campaigns and have consistently produced results. Any update we request gets done within few hours. Great responsive team to partner with.”

Adam R. ★★★★★ 10/10 REVIEW

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire VOOFA for marketing?

For over a decade, VOOFA has been the internet marketing unicorn building performance driven sales strategies for clients. We provide 360 degree marketing solution offering over 250+ affordable marketing services across Canada and the United States. From buiding your websites, branding, social media to getting sales and managing the campaigns, we have the experience of building and running successful advertising campaigns. So, if you want to hire a company that is known for affordable price, fastest turnaround with quality work.. HIRE VOOFA!

What will be my cost for marketing?

VOOFA is seen as the price regulatory authority in the internet marketing sector. Our website is an ecommerce platform where you can check all the prices for each service offer. No hidden fees, No catch at all! Where most digital marketing ad agencies hide their prices, VOOFA discloses all its service fees online via website. Check internet marketing prices HERE.

What kind of web design I should get?

Depending on your niche and industry, we can suggest you web design that will match the exact industry standards. For example: if you are looking to open an online shop to sell your products, we suggest you to get an ecommerce website whereas if you are looking to create an online coaching / training business, you should get a membership website. Same goes for Simple business websites where you can select from our 5, 10, 15 and 20 page simple web designs. We also offer websites for people interested in starting a Podcast, Online Contests, Run for elections, Real Estate, Property Management and even starting an Online Business Directory. Check the prices below:

How much does SEO cost for 1st Page rank?

What is SEO?

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is the technique to optimize a website with relevant search keywords, phrases and locations that improves page rank on search engines. This helps in getting quality traffic to the website that engages and converts into paying clients.

How much SEO Costs?

SEO is a 2 step process where first we run an audit on your website to learn about the loopholes and what is missing when compared to your most prominent competitor. This may sometimes require fixing your website. You can check the PRICE TO FIX A SITE FOR SEO HERE.

The 2nd step is to run monthly SEO on your website for up to 6 Months. This involves correcting the website inbound and outbound backlinks, site structure corrections, loading time optimization, writing fresh content using blog and building a series of sales pages based on locations. VOOFA offers different monthly SEO plans as per your budget. Check the MONTHLY SEO PRICE PLANS HERE.

What is the cost of Social Media Advertising?

VOOFA offer 2 types of Social Media Marketing services.

  1. Social Media Page Designs & Setup: We will create your social media accounts and will get the graphic designs done for your business pages such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. We can also help setup post automation services for social media networks. Check our pricing for social media page setup here.
  1. Social Media Paid Advertising: We will create online marketing campaigns for your social media networks namely Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. Check the pricing below:

What are the essential Search Engine Apps?

To run successful online marketing and establish your online business website with authority, you must get the following essential search engine applications (there are MUST)

  1. Google Analytics & Webmaster Console – Helps you track visitors traffic and verifies your website with Google. This authentication process is important for the legitimacy of your business online. Check pricing here.
  2. Google My Business – This business page setup helps your business get recognized on Google maps and give your customers the option to review your products and services. Listing your business on Google My Business improves your website rank. Check the setup fees here.
  3. Google Ads – In order to get sales online, one must run paid advertisements in search engines. Google ads is the best way to get targeted traffic to your website who will buy from you. Increase your website traffic with Google ads and increase your sales. Check Google ads pricing here.
  4. Business Directory Submissions & Backlink Setup – We will submit your business to 50+ online directories that have high page rank authority on Google. This improves your website rank and builds trust. Get more information on Business Directory Listings here.
B2B | Business to Business

B2B means Business to Business where one business shares, sells and service other businesses. VOOFA is a pioneer in B2B marketing and strategy planning. We have worked with a variety of B2B clients from credit card processing, financial companies to industrial, logistics, insurance and accounting firms that strictly serve business clients. We have successfully designed their websites, ecommerce, payment gateways, and user interface for employees. From organic search engine optimizationSEO, social media page designs to running Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads and YouTube Ads, we have helped B2B clients in increasing their reach to potential new customers.

B2C | Entrepreneurs

B2C meaning Business to Consumer marketing requires extensive market research in order to promote the product and services. Our team of business analysts follow the latest market trends and find the appropriate niche to sell. Finding the right target audience via web sales funnels, Google Ads and social media is crucial in defining your business growth. From Logo Branding, Flyer Design to Video production and Lead Generation, we have handled 360 degree marketing for our B2C clients. Hiring VOOFA means creating loyal buying frenzy customers.

Start Ups | New Businesses

Are you a start up? Are you running on a shoe string budget for marketing? you are in the right place. VOOFA is the largest marketing service wholesaler in North America and our prices are affordable. We know what it takes to establish and run a successful startup. Our business brainstorming session can help you understand the overall marketing strategy that caters exactly to your requirements to start getting immediate sales. We want you to start making good income in the first few months so that further marketing can be supported for more sales.

Professional Services

We have worked with Accounting Firms, Doctors, Dentists, Orthodontics, Surgeons, Medical Clinics, Insurance, Financial, Optometry Clinics, Family Lawyers, Criminal Lawyers, Cyber Lawyers, Corporate Lawyers, Project Managers, CFA’s, CMA’s, Realtors, Software Engineers, Electronics Engineers, Technicians, Life Coach, Industry Experts, Marketers and various other professionals. The marketing goal varies from profession to profession and since we have a wide variety of clientele, it is not difficult for us to plan and implement strategies that will increase their exposure in their industry. If you are a professional that is looking to get web design, seo, social media and video production, contact us.

Small Businesses

VOOFA proudly powers more than 2000 small businesses in North America. We have successfully marketed our clients products and services by driving free and paid web visitors traffic to their websites and social media channels. Our goal is always to make your small business stand out of the competition. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a small business owner or work from home parent / freelancer, we can help you get more sales by implementing performance based marketing. Get your logo, web design and social media designs today.

Food Delivery + Restaurants

The top healthy meal delivery companies in Toronto – GTA are our clients. You may have already noticed that the websites that display on the 1st page of Google for Healthy Meal Delivery are powered by VOOFA. We have built their websites, print marketing materials, social media and Google Ad campaigns and ofcourse the first page Google SEO. Also, we work with a number of restaurant franchises supporting their online and print digital planning.

Technology & IT Services

VOOFA has the best R&D (Research and Development) team that work in the information technology sector. There are many IT companies that use our marketing and survey research services. Our clients include Telecom companies, Apps Developer, Digital Marketing Agencies that white label our services, Software companies, BPO’s – Call Centers, Data management firms, Cloud Hosting, Sound and Podcast Engineers, Web, Device and Home Security Companies, Video Game Developers and other non IT technology companies.

Real Estate Agents MLS®

VOOFA offers real estate web design that include RETS, MLS, IDX and Property Management platform. We have built real estate web systems to capture sales information from buyers, sellers and investors. Whether you are a real estate brokerage, real estate investing firm, real estate agent (Realtor) or property management company, we can help you get more exposure online at an affordable cost. Our organic ranking (SEO) plans can further boost your Google ranking. We do full fledged branding, web design and social media content creation. Talk to us.

Non For Profit | Charities

We have worked with international NGO’s, Charities, Non for Profit organisations including kids education charity, churches, infant caring centers, preschools and government web projects. We offer preferred rates to non profit organizations. Our services include web design, organic seo, logo design, brochure design, flyers, paid Google Ads, Facebook Ads, email newsletter marketing and list building. We have also promoted them via Video Marketing on YouTube.

Industrial | Manufacturing

Industrial clients have very specific requirements in terms of their marketing as most of them have defined targeted niche and already established clientele. We have the experience of working with industrial manufacturers, food & beverage manufacturers and industrial service providers. From project managers, product developers, business analysts, researchers (R&D) to the top CEO’s, we have successfully implemented effective strategies to enhance their business performance.

Sports & Social Influencers

We work with boxing, gym, MMA, hockey, soccer, baseball, shooting range and basketball sports clubs by developing and maintaining their web design, social media, email marketing, payment systems, forms and paid advertisements through Google and Facebook. The Fitness models and Instagram Celebrities who hired VOOFA have now achieved over 300k followers and we are proud to be part of their success.

Entertainment Industry

We have worked with TV Hosts, Radio Jockeys (RJ’s), Television Anchors, News Journalists, Movie Celebrities, Sportsmen and many other eminent personalities in the entertainment industry. Whether you are just starting off your career in the entertainment field or you are already established are looking for someone to further promote and handle your media buying and marketing, talk to us. We have built websites that helps you stay in touch with your audience and fans and promote you to gain more followers via social media marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

Construction Companies

We had the pleasure of working with some of the top construction companies in Canada and the U.S. From condo developers, home builders to plaza builders and developers, we have successfully delivered functional responsive mobile web designs that have picture galleries, forms, maps, social media content, videos, branding including logo design, business cards, flyers, brochures, posters, banners and document designs such as letterheads, envelopes, contracts and invoices. We can help you build your buyers, vendors and sellers lists along with free web traffic.

Renovation Companies

We have over 500 clients that specifically are related to the Canadian Renovation industry. If you are handyman, home and office renovator or a renovation company, we can help you in getting new customers. We have worked with companies that deal in residential and commercial renovation of bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, retail, office space, painting, epoxy flooring, paving, hardwood flooring, concrete finishing, wrought iron works, waterproofing and windows & doors. Your website comes with picture gallery, social media, SEO, videos and email marketing.

Transportation & Logistics

Our clients in the transportation industry varies from domestic trucking companies to commercial transportation firms across the borders. Transportation industry runs on time and delivery systems where their local and international clients appreciate the good service and a great presentation via web design, twitter and facebook. Paid advertising via Google Ads is a major driving force behind getting new customer inquiries that can be converted in paying clients. We work with logistics companies that deal with trucking, transportation of goods, long haul, truck repair, truck parts dealers, container destuffing, cross docking and commercial moving companies.


VOOFA is a performance driven digital marketing agency that specialize in building high end sales & marketing systems for self employed, small businesses to medium and large corporations. With over 25 years of combined experience in sales & marketing, we increase your sales by implementing extensive behavioral marketing tactics that identifies opportunities in your niche. We commercialize your products and services through web, tv, radio, social networks and print media.


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