“We build systems for your business that automates your marketing and increase your sales exponentially!”

VOOFA is a multinational mass media corporation based in Toronto, Canada that develops, grows and invests in brands and web sites. VOOFA means “The Mystic Master That Bring Awareness and Awakening Raising Your Consciousness”. Our philosophy is to bring awareness in the market place. VOOFA is an acronym for “Virtual Organization Of America”, a company that is known to generate higher returns by improving business performance via enhanced digital marketing experience.

Website Designs

Search Engine Optimization

Branding & Designs

Social Media Engagements

Empowering Global Virtual Network

We help businesses grow at a faster rate, lowering their overhead by offering virtual services. Being virtually established gives us an edge over all our competitors because of our pricing model. We do not mix our overhead costs with service pricing thereby offering premium high quality services at a lower price point.


Our Team

We works with 20+ virtual assistants who have diverse educational backgrounds. Our team consists of Marketing Experts, Media Strategists, Public Relations Experts, Electronic Communication Engineers, Videographers, Photographers, Social Media Strategists, Sound Engineers, Brand Managers, Graphic Designers, Business Analysts, Market Researchers, Web Developers and Software Engineers.

 🍁 VOOFA is a 100% Canadian Company. Projects are developed in Canada.