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Year 2014 has seen more than 25 Data breaches with some major global companies like Sony, Home Depot, Dairy Queen, eBay etc getting compromised by hackers. This raises an alarm for all consumers shopping online to be alert while using any ecommerce platform. It is also a challenging situation for sellers as their websites can get compromised easily. As we see an advancement in technology, database loopholes in the systems cannot be ignored.

There have been numerous other cases of identity theft, unsolicited email spam and hack, credit card information leaks and website affected by viruses. Hackers are one of the most intelligent breed on the planet that can be categorized into the one who hack for fun (beginners) and the experts who do it for money. The internet has always been haunted by such hackers and spammers who will held the websites, databases and devices hostage and will ask for huge ransom in exchange to release the hijacked identity. Internet is now becoming a more scary place as more customers have started to use online portals to buy products and services. So, is there a way to counter this problem? Well, there is!!

Just like the way flu & cold is everywhere but we still get the flu shot every year to prevent ourselves from getting sick, similarly we will have to take steps and have to be very cautious about what information we are putting out. Following are some ways to solve this problem:

When buying any product online make sure that you always track the browser URL becoming green in color and http changing to https. This way you know that the website you are using has a secure encryption installed. In other words we call it a security certificate (SSL). You can trust PayPal as the mode of making payment.

For sellers especially the small business owners, it is important to install the SSL certificate because now more and more buyers are going to look into the specification of the ecommerce portal before they make a transaction.

When using social media, always make sure that you do not put your personal information out like your address, phone numbers etc. Check out the security settings under your social media account and select who is allowed to see your personal information. A lot of time people don’t realize that the information that they put out for fun can end up with identity theft.

For website owners, make sure that your website is protected by Antivirus, hack removal and other similar softwares that scans your website on a regular basis. Hackers are always sending out autobots that try to break the encryption to hack websites. Therefore, hire a professional to do weekly technical maintenance for your website. If you need any assistance with your website, you can check out our Monthly Plan.

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