Etobicoke Cheap Website Design Seo Designer GuruGilbert is in his 50’s. He hired a US company to build a professional-looking website for his renovation business. He thought he could get phone calls and leads from his website. He had waited month after month, but nothing happened. So he called us looking for answers.

Are you disappointed with the performance of your website? Have you ever wondered why your website doesn’t bring you any leads and sales?

In most cases, you are missing one or more of the following 5 critical elements:

  • Problem: Are you focusing on a problem and pain point that’s already real to your prospects? Can you further agitate the problem, what’s costing them, how it will continue to get worse if they don’t deal with it.
  • Promise: Does your promise stand out as unique from the competition? It could be unique because of the results, your story, how it work, pricing plan and guarantee, etc.
  • Proof: Back up every strong promise with proof by adding testimonials, case studies, statistics and videos, etc.
  • Offer: Do you have an irresistible offer in place? How do you show the discount/value a customer is getting from your offer? How do you remove their risk from the buying experience?
  • Call to action: What is your call to action? Is it strong? How do you motivate a customer to take action today . . . when it’s so much easier just to wait? Do you have time and quantity limitation? How do you make the scarcity real and believable?

Coincidentally these 5 critical elements are also the key components of a successful sales letter. Your website is your virtual salesperson. Missing any of the elements will hurt the conversion rate of your website.


We at studied many websites in different niches that are doing well. The commonality is that they all have the above critical elements in place. These 5 critical elements are the differences between a winner and loser.

Always remember, you don’t need to have too much content on your website, but you DO NEED to have sufficient content that covers these 5 critical elements. If you want to learn more or want a free website performance report, contact us today.