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Start Internet Marketing in Etobicoke, Ontario to Generate Sales Leads

Follow the 5 Steps to Get More Sales in Etobicoke, Ontario

Whether you have already tried doing marketing and had no success so far or you are just starting off in the marketing arena, we suggest you to calculate your marketing budget. Before you begin with marketing, it is important that you budget it properly to avoid any future surprises. Knowing where you money is going is a smart way of handling marketing. VOOFA has designed a marketing planner where you can connect the dots and see what it would cost you to do online marketing. Try this free tool now!

Build Your Brand with Logo | Brochure | Flyer & Business Card

The reason why successful companies sells more is because of the brand they have created for their products and services, for example, Lexus, Toyota, Apple, Tim Hortons, Walmart. The brand begins with a logo design and can be further promoted with Business Cards, Flyers, Brochures, Booklets, Door Hangers, Videos, Commercial Ads, Newspaper ads etc. The first step for successful marketing is to create a compelling brand and then promote it with marketing material that will resonate with your customers. Get started with branding today!

Web Design – Ecommerce | Mobile Responsive Website

The second step is to get a mobile friendly web design for your business. Your website is the place where the sales and sales leads will get generated. Make sure to have a website with enough call to action such as your phone number, emails and contact form displayed on the home page so that customers can get in touch with you. We offer eCommerce website development and real estate property management with MLS listings. Check out our pricing plans and contact us if you have any questions.

  1. E-Commerce Shopping Cart ADD ON
  2. Real Estate Property Manager and RETS ADD ON

SEO for Website – Search Engine Optimization in Etobicoke, Ontario

Once you have your website ready, the next step is to get it optimized with relevant keywords and phrases that targets different locations in Toronto and Greater Toronto Area. This way you can drive free traffic to your website with SEO. The other method is to run Google Ads that can drive paid pay per click PPC traffic to your website. Evaluate the performance with Google Analytics.

  1. Google Analytics & Webmaster Console Integration
  2. Google AdWords PPC + Remarketing – Banner Ad Display

Social Media Marketing – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & LinkedIn

With your brand and optimized website in place, you should run social media campaigns to get further more web visitors traffic. For this you will require Social Media Business page design and setup. Check our pricing below. We can also help you run Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn paid pay per click advertisements. Learn more by contacting us.

Monthly Website Maintenance – Hack Removal & Security Updates

Every website these days require monthly maintenance. Since websites have started playing an important role in generating business, hackers have taken a different approach to hack, insert malware, virus to sites that are generating business. It is very important to keep your website updates with the latest security patch, backup, database management services and many other core WordPress and WooCommerce upgrades. This ensures that your website keeps on running smoothly.

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