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Business Citations on 50+ Online Directories

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“Thanks for helping me with the business profile listing on various directories. It has been really easy to update the working hours and address change on them. Voofa manually creates these listings and also provides the login to claim them. Totally outstanding job!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5/5

Thanks Stephen K. | North York – Restaurant Chain Owner

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With thousands of business listing directories online, it is a tedious job to keep on creating business profiles across multiple directories. If you don’t create your business profile with your address map, contact information and your product & services, you are losing your market share to the competition and if you manually start creating these profiles, you will end up spending hours and hours building them.

Moreover, even if you complete the citation building on these different directories and your address changes or your contact phone no. changes, you will have to do the whole exercise again. This is where VOOFA GeoBooster can help. Our team will do the leg work to get your business profile submitted on the third party business directories. In case of any addition, or changes, we will be always around to make those for you.

High Authority SEO Backlinks with Online Business Directories Citation Builder.

Backlinks also know as the “inbound links” or “incoming links” are links that one website provides to another website. They are considered as “Votes” given by one website to another by Google and Bing. The website with higher number of backlinks is mostly considered a popular website by search engines and these sites get higher rank on Google and Bing.

Quality of these backlinks is a major factor in determining your website rank. This means that the backlinks that your website gets should come from other website that are higher in the search engine ranking scale. These kind of backlinks are called “High Authority Backlinks”.

A common example is to get backlinks from popular business directories online or from websites that are content publisher such as News, Sports, Educational and Entertainment. The higher the authority of the website that provides your website a backlink, the higher your website ranking will be.