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We remove malware, virus and spam bots from WordPress websites. Our services include: Security Audit, Hack Investigation, Hack Removal, Data Recovery, and Moving your site to a Secure Managed Server. Clean your website with our top-notch hack repair, blacklist removal, and search engine ranking recovery services.

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Minor Hack


WP Plugin, Themes Hack
DNS Spoofing
DDos Attack
Pharma Hack
SQL Injection
Brute Force Attack
Data Recovery

Major Hack


WP Plugin, Themes Hack
DNS Spoofing
DDos Attack
Pharma Hack
SQL Injection
Brute Force Attack
Data Recovery



WordPress + WooCommerce

Ecommerce / Real Estate / Membership / Podcast / Contest / Business Directory / Amazon Websites

Protect Your WordPress Website Against BRUTE Force, Pharma and DDoS Attack

If your website is helping you in growing your business, then you better be serious about the Monthly WordPress Maintenance Services.


The most common type of hack that we have seen these days are the Pharma Hack, Brute Force Attack and DDoS Attack. Ignoring the monthly website maintenance may lead to complete disaster where your website will be blacklisted by search engines, leaving no way for your online venture to come back to its original money making state.

Where some spam bots will auto fill your blog comments and contact form with a script waiting for you to either click a link or approving a comment, other hacks such as Brute Force attack attempts to constantly hits your website with a series of username and password combinations to break into your website. Website once hacked may get injected with scripts that multiplies from file to files and folders to folders in the website directory. This happens a lot in Pharma attacks.

On the other hand, a DDoS Attack or Denial of Service Attack will send millions of spam bot traffic to your website and will begin consuming all your server bandwidth, ultimately slowing down your website and finally shutting it down.

Finally, the hacker in most cases will contact you demanding to pay them a ransom fees in either crypto currency or with your credit card to recover your website providing you access and stop sending that spam traffic.

Know that things can sometimes really go bad with hacking and this is the reason in particular that we at VOOFA have designed the best secured WordPress Monthly Maintenance Plan to protect your business from such hacking attempts. Please feel free to contact us and learn more about our hack removal and monthly wordpress and woocommerce maintenance services.

Why WordPress Monthly Maintenance is important? Core Updates, SEO, Plugins and Widget Tune-Up Services:

Your website is like your car, that requires regular maintenance. We can not emphasize enough on why you must update your WordPress websites in a timely manner. The reason is: Since WordPress is an open source platform, a website built with WordPress will use third party plugins, widgets, scripts and codes. These custom codes usually releases their new version every now and then depending on the technological upgrades available in the market and security threats. Now if you are a smart business owner, you will want to update your website as soon as their updates are being released to avoid any hack, spam, malware or backdoor entry.

We provide extensive technical maintenance services for WordPress and WooCommerce. Whether you have a simple small website or a massive ecommerce website, VOOFA is here to help. For large size websites, technical maintenance is a daily ritual to make sure that the site performs at it best without any glitches.

For all websites we update WordPress Core framework, plugins, widgets, scripts, jQuery, Java, HTML and resolve all 404 redirect issues with DNS and server upgrades. Before installing any plugins, we always test it for compatibility with the latest version of WordPress as well as with other operative plugins in our test environment.

With our state of art hosting servers, we have the ability to create test environment for each client, where website features, functions, plugins, changes are first tested and then installed. We do rigorous testing, before we upgrade any website.

From database backup, files and folder backup to website caching, speed tests, search engine tags and content optimization, you are assured that you will get the best maintenance services. If you have a WordPress website, get started with one of our technical maintenance plan today!

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WordPress Monthly Website Maintenance Services

If you think that monthly technical maintenance cost is too much for you then wait till your website crashes or gets hacked and you will pay more in recovering or redesigning a new site than what you must have paid on a monthly maintenance. Is your business and website important to you? If Yes! then, order your website maintenance at your own convenience if you like. At the least do it whenever you think – its time! Do not leave it for longer period otherwise the site will get hacked or will lack the updates important to rank on Google.