website design mississaugaWith our experience over the past few years, we have noticed that the most effective way to help our clients to reach maximum customers is by using the “Landing Page” also known as Viral Page or Squeeze Page. Going back and forth on the “conversion scale” statistics, we finally found the powerful technique to build these pages that can be used with Google Ads, Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads. Get started with Landing page for your business today!

Landing Page Design

Toronto Landing Page Design – 1 Page Web Design for Google Ads, Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads

If you are planning to advertise on search engines like Google & Bing and social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn, you MUST get a landing page design. Landing pages focus specifically on the target market and product/service niche with keywords, locations and content that improves the quality of you paid ads.

Landing Page Design

Landing Page Design Toronto Mississauga

Landing Page Design

Our landing page design is built to perform and get you sales and new inquiries. We use top notch features to design them, such as:

  1. Attractive look and feel of the page layout with Graphics & Branding
  2. Call to action contact form, email and phone number
  3. Strategic placement of content such as the most prominent services and products on the spot where customers call click and take action
  4. Payment button, Signup button and Subscribe button
  5. Social Media icons & sharing options
  6. Heat Map compatible
  7. SEO enabled landing page design
  8. Testimonials and Reviews
  9. Video Compatible Landing Page
  10. Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel integration
  11. Email marketing – Optin Box & List building integration

With all the above feature, your landing page becomes a powerful tool to capture leads with your paid advertising.

Landing page design for different niche when used with integrated email list building software, social media, video, sales pitch and SEO has produced results that are off the roof!

Landing Page Design

Quality Landing Page Improved Your Ad Performance

As a known fact, a good landing page will improve ad performance because Google and Facebook scans the quality of the page you are directing your ads to. Therefore, it becomes very important to work on your landing page website so that certain essential components are well covered in that page design.

When you hire VOOFA to build your landing page, you are rest assured that your page design will improve your online visibility of ads. The quality of leads depends on the quality of your page design. Ignoring the design aspect can prove to be harmful to your Google Ad campaign. So, if you are planning to run paid ads, then get our landing page design and experience the difference in the performance of your ads.

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