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As a known fact, 96% of businesses fail within 2 – 5 years of them coming into existence. The reasons can vary from bad management, low quality products, poor services to lack of funds. But, one of the main reason that everyone would agree is their SALES were declining. Why does it happens that the sales decline over time and getting new customers become a major problem with failing businesses?

Unless your business falls in that category of low quality products, bad services, lack of funds, you business should not be failing, but seeing exponential growth. But, you see, your business.. even after having the right product, the right market, is just surviving whereas your competition is taking over. There is something really fundamentally going wrong and in this blog, we will give you the tips to fix it.

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Why your business is not getting what it deserves?

The lack of understanding between SALES & MARKETING is the main reason. Marketing is the way to get out there in the forefront of your audience and ask for sale! Is your business doing that enough? Are you putting in enough efforts to market your products and services? Are you using the right tools, the right people? See all these questions matter!

If you are in Toronto – GTA, you may have noticed that our provincial economy is based on businesses like yours. Everyday there are new startups being seen promoted online and that increase your competition. What must have been your sales leads is now going into someone else kitty. Why?

BECAUSE You are NOT Focussed!

Your focus may be is MARKETING MORE = MORE Clients. Are you doing it? If Yes! what are your tools and whom you are working with? Are they experts at what they claim to be doing for you?


SALES SALES SALES is the answer. Keep your sales pipeline full at all times and this can only happen if you do proper consistent marketing!

We have put together a strategy for you to help your business grow and get more sales. Click the links below:

  1. Budget Your Marketing. See how much you can spend. Try our FREE Tool
  2. Promote Your Products & Services with a STRONG BRAND – LOGO
  3. Improve the performance of your Website or Get a New Website with CTA
  4. Your Website MUST be SEO friendly for Search Engines like Google
  5. Maintain and Update Your Website Regularly with Blogs
  6. Get a Social Media Business Page Design & Post Everyday
  7. Use Videos to Market Your Business
  8. Run Paid Advertisements on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram
  9. Evaluate Your Marketing Performance with Analytics

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