Logo Pack – Brand Design

Logo is the face of your company whether it is a text or graphic oriented design. Every company that has become famous and has done successful business have a logo brand. A brand is what people remember when they buy services or products from you. It is this unique design that differentiates you from the rest of your competition. A company without logo cannot sustain in the competitive business arena. Our brand experts have successfully created 2500+ logo designs. We offer 4 logo designs to choose from and 1 final set of revision to finalize the brand. The final logo is produced in print and web format.

Price: $375

Business Card Design

Build a strong connection with your prospects by giving them a call to action business card design. Business cards have been the basic requirements for all businesses whether online or offline. When going to a meeting or an event, you must carry your business cards to leave it with your prospect so that they can connect back with you via phone, email or website. Business card exchange is the most popular, conventional and professional business etiquette. Our brand expert offers business card design for both sides in print ready format with 1 set of revision.

Price: $99

Flyer / Poster / Banner Ads & Copyrighting

Post Card size flyers are becoming very popular print material for small businesses that want to reach out to masses via parties, events, door to door marketing, postal services and B2B door knocking. Get call to action, high quality one sided postcard size flyer design or a regular size poster or banner design. Posters and banners including digital ads are equally effective ways to market your business. Our graphic designer will work closely with you to define the text copy, picture, contact details for your design. We offer designs in print ready and web formats along with 1 set of revision.

Price: $150

Brochure / Presentation Slide Designs

Add more value to your business brand, products and services with Brochures or Powerpoint Presentation. As per your business requirements, you may want to display your products or services via brochure that can provide detail information to your clients in a print format. Similarly, when going to a conference, seminar or business meeting, presentation slides is a great way to demonstrate your company’s vision, mission, products and services. We offer high quality two fold and three fold both side brochure design in print format or 5 slide Powerpoint presentation in web and print format with 1 set of revision.

Price: $250

QR Code | Social Media – Company Logo Icons

Get advanced matrix barcode that can be scanned using your cell phone to reach your website. Our QR Code design can be printed on magazines, signage, on car door magnets, business cards, and on almost any promotional materiasl. With the explosion of smart phones with camera equipped with scan application – your customers can easily access your website and social media. You also get your company logo icon design that can be used on social media, email and for print. The future of mobile-print marketing is here!

Price: $120

Booklet / eBook / Folder Designs

Booklet is by far the most powerful print material to promote your business. It is a great way of presenting your products and services to your clientele. You will be able to build instant rapport.

  • Booklet: 4 page both side including cover (total 8 design) in print and web format with 1 set of revision
  • eBook: 8 page eBook design including cover design in web format with 1 set of revision
  • Folder Design: one sided 2 leaf design + folder cover design in print format with 1 set of revision

Price: $450

25 Page eBook Branding

If you are an author who is interested in writing mini eBooks then we can help you enhance the design and format of your creation. Our graphic team will work closely with you to position the content in an effective way to make your eBook stand out and become interesting for your audience. Our eBook brand editing and formatting will be done in standard readable PDF that can sell through your ecommerce website and shared via email or any online portal. We offer up to 25 page eBook formatting services. Our designs are perfect for your opt-in email marketing.

Price: $650