If you have a new website or an existing website that require optimization then get the SEO FIX first. It is important that the website is fixed before we run monthly SEO maintenance on your website. No monthly plan can optimize your website unless the website is fixed for search engines. Scroll down to see the price.


If your website is fixed and optimized or you have successfully completed STEP 1, then select from our range of monthly plans to maintain higher ranking, boosting futher for the first page rank and even dominate your niche organically using blog and social media posting services. Scroll down to see the price.



RANK Booster

$650 /month

upto 20 Pages OR 10 Products
+ 2 Sales Blog SEO
+ 5 Cities/ Neighborhoods
+ 20 Keyphrases


$950 / month

upto 50 Pages OR 25 Products
+ 4 Sales Blog SEO
+ 10 Cities / Neighborhoods
+ 30 Keyphrases

CLICK Booster

$1500 / month

upto 100 pages OR 50 Products
+ 8 Sales Blog SEO
+ 20 Cities / Neighborhoods
+ 50 Keyphrases

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SALES Domination

$1475 /month

+ 4 SEO Sales Blog
+ 30 Social Media Posts
+ 1 Newsletters
+ 1 Video Targeting
+ 20 Cities / Neighborhoods
+ 50 Keyphrases

NICHE Domination

$2950 /month

+ 8 SEO Sales Blog
+ 60 Social Media Posts
+ 2 Newsletters
+ 2 Video Targeting
+ 50 Cities / Neighborhoods
+ 100 Keyphrases

MARKET Domination

$5900 /month

+ 16 SEO Sales Blog
+ 120 Social Media Posts
+ 4 Newsletters
+ 4 Video Targeting
+ 100 Cities / Neighborhoods
+ Unlimited Keyphrases

Tune Up’s Included!



All Monthly Plans Include

Web & Mobile Optimization
Google Site Submission
Geo Location Targeting
Keyword & Phrase Updates
Fix Broken Links 404 Error
DNS & Meta Tags Update
Picture SEO & Alt Tags
Inbound Backlinking
Google Webmaster Update
Google Analytics Update
CMS Configuration Update
Template Theme Update
Plugin & Widget Update
Antivirus Scan Protection
Site Backup Protection
Website Hack Protection
Website Spam Removal
Response Time Enhancer
DDoS Attack Scan
Brute Force Attack Scan
Improve Server Cache
Premium Email Support

Just want Basic SEO & Technical Maintenance?

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First Page Organic Search Engine Optimization Ranking

SEO Fix is madatory for all websites that have never been optimized before or have been recently built. Our Seo specialists perform intensive audit on your existing website and fix all the errors that need to be removed as per Google guidelines. Then keyword and phrase reasearch is done in order to build a refined list that is implemented through meta tagging. Google webmaster, console and analytics are installed on your site for further verification and tracking. The optimization include up to 20 pages which is good enough to start the monthly search engine optimization process. Step 1 lays a strong foundation for your website.

Rank Booster Monthly seo plan is designed specifically for smaller site with 20 or less pages and under 10 products. We did this keeping in mind the competition and saturation most of the industries are reaching online. It is crucial that your web strategy is ahead of your competitors and therefore along with technical maintenance of your website from Step 2, we are offering 20 most searched keyphrase optimization and geographic location targeting with 5 cities or neighborhoods of your choice. The plan also include bi-weekly sales style blogging. Blogging helps in increasing the number of pages and each blog works as a lead capturing optimized sales page. More content = Higher Rank.

Traffic Booster Monthly seo plan is designed for websites that have up to 50 pages or 25 products in their ecommerce website. Along with the complete technical maintenance of your website whether informational or ecommerce, as mentioned in the update list from Step 2, we are offering 30 most searched keyphrase optimization and geographic location targeting with 10 cities or neighborhoods of your choice. The plan also include weekly sales style blogging. More blogs mean more pages of content on your website. More inbound links and more TRAFFIC!

Click Booster Monthly Seo Plan is for websites that have upto 100 pages or 50 ecommerce products. The plan include technical maintenance for your whole site as listed from Step 2 along with 50 most searched keyphrase optimization and geographic location targeting with 20 cities or neighborhoods of your choice. The plan also include 2 blogs per week in a sales style page that pushes web visitors to take action. A total of 8 blogs itself triggers higher ranking on Google and Bing. Clicks on these pages are evident due to creative call to action buttons.

Advanced SEO plans are designed for superior ranking over your competition through organic search engine optimization. These plan include everything that is required in a white hat SEO such as Blogging, Social Media Posting, Video Editing, Upload and Video optimization along with geographic location and a higher amount of keyphrase targeting. These plans require instensive work on our end to run the whole website marketeting & video content editing. If you want to dominate your niche, these are the plans you must go ahead with!

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