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Local SEO works and we provide top rank SEO services in Toront0 – GTA as well as major cities in United States and Canada. Gain 1st Rank on Google and Bing search engines with consistent monthly SEO. We use a 20 point SEO white hat technique to boost your website ranking performance. Organic SEO helps in getting your website crawl up the Google page rank indexing.


Select Your SEO Goal

Monthly SEO Plans

$699 / month

RANK Booster

upto 20 Pages OR 10 Products
+ 2 Sales Blog SEO
+ 5 Cities/ Neighborhoods
+ 20 Key Phrases
+ SEO Management

$999 / month


upto 50 Pages OR 25 Products
+ 4 Sales Blog SEO
+ 10 Cities / Neighborhoods
+ 30 Key Phrases
+ SEO Management

$1499 / month

CLICK Booster

upto 100 pages OR 50 Products
+ 8 Sales Blog SEO
+ 20 Cities / Neighborhoods
+ 50 Key Phrases
+ SEO Management

SEO Domination Plans

$1999 / month

SALES Domination

+ 4 SEO Sales Blog
+ 2 City Landing Pages
+ 20 Cities / Neighborhoods
+ 50 Key Phrases
+ SEO Management

$2999 / month

NICHE Domination

+ 8 SEO Sales Blog
+ 4 City Landing Pages
+ 50 Cities / Neighborhoods
+ 100 Key Phrases
+ SEO Management

$5999 / month

MARKET Domination

+ 16 SEO Sales Blog
+ 8 City Landing Pages
+ 100 Cities / Neighborhoods
+ Unlimited Key Phrases
+ SEO Management

Increase your online presence effectively by conducting a comprehensive website audit done by our SEO specialists. We will test and analyze the current state of your website along with your website rank for various keywords and most relevant phrases that your direct customers search for on Google. We will also find out what your competition is doing better than you. This SEO audit includes: User engagement, User experience, Traffic, Web Functionality, Site health, and Website performance.

SEO Fix and Install is mandatory for all websites no matter if they have already been optimized before or have been built recently. Based on our initial SEO Audit, we will fix all the technical errors that are affecting your Google Rank. We will also make all necessary changes across 20 most prominent pages of your website along with redesigning your website home page. Then we will install all the relevant most searched keywords and phrases on these 20 pages and will create 2 landing pages based on your location of choice. This way we will be able to target 5 cities or 5 neighborhoods from where you want to attract more organic traffic. Your website will be verified with Google, Analytics will be installed, Sitemap will be Submitted to Search Engines and all descriptions, titles, headings, tags and structured snippets will be installed. Your site will be all set for Monthly SEO.

Rank Booster Monthly SEO plan is designed specifically for smaller site with 20 or less pages and under 10 products. We did this keeping in mind the competition and saturation most of the industries are reaching online. It is crucial that your web strategy is ahead of your competitors and therefore along with SEO related technical maintenance of your website, we are offering 20 most searched keyphrase optimization and geographic location targeting with 5 cities or neighborhoods of your choice. The plan also include bi-weekly sales style blog optimization. Blogging helps in increasing the number of pages and each blog works as a lead capturing sales page. More Content = Higher Rank!

Traffic Booster Monthly SEO plan is designed for websites that have up to 50 pages or 25 products in their ecommerce website. Along with SEO related technical maintenance of your website whether informational or ecommerce, we are offering 30 most searched keyphrase optimization and geographic location targeting with 10 cities or neighborhoods of your choice. The plan also include weekly sales style blog optimization. More blogs mean more pages of content on your website = More TRAFFIC!

Click Booster Monthly SEO Plan is for websites that have up to 100 pages or 50 ecommerce products. The plan include SEO related technical maintenance for your whole site along with 50 most searched key phrase optimization and geographic location targeting with 20 cities or neighborhoods of your choice. The plan also include 2 blog optimization per week in a sales style format that pushes web visitors to take action. A total of 8 blogs itself triggers higher ranking on Google and Bing. More Blogs means more content. Higher Ranking = More CLICKS!

Dominate Your Niche with Advanced Monthy SEO Domination Plans. These SEO plans are designed for superior Google ranking over your competition through organic search engine optimization that is based on heavy content creation. We use pure White Hat SEO techniques such as Blogging, and Location based Landing Pages. This helps in inserting maximum number of keyphrase, long-tail keywords, heading, tags and structured snippets. If you want to dominate your niche, these are the plans you must go ahead with!

Track Record Of Delivering Consistent 1st Page Google Rank Search Results and Consumer Behavior Tracking since 2007.

#REVIEW “Excellent services by VOOFA! 100% market domination! We started with a team of 8 people in our sales department and now we are a team of 24 people doing sales every day. Thanks to VOOFA for bringing in consistent leads. Their SEO is no joke! If your are serious about your business and want to expand then hire them. You won’t be disappointed.” Jordan H., Real Estate Investor, USA ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5/5

Google Ads

Lead Generation through Google Ads. Start receiving traffic to your website from the first day by using Google Ads that based on Pay-Per-Click Text, Video and Display Ads, where we setup your Google Ads account, Ad Campaigns, Ad Sets, Text and Display ads and monitor your Ads Traffic. You have the flexibility to set your daily budget on a per click bid. Your ad will appear on all relative search terms driving traffic to your site.

Website SEO Backlinks

Get Higher Ranking on Google & Bing with multiple online business directory listings that helps in SEO backlinking for your website. Backlinks are links that one website provides to another website. They are considered as “Votes” given by one website to another by Google and Bing. The website with higher number of backlinks is mostly considered a popular website by search engines and these sites get higher rank on Google and Bing.

Google Analytics

Your SEO initiative can be enhanced by using Google Analytics that will help you track customer behaviour and the originating source of web traffic. Integrating Google Analytics to your website in a way verifies your website with Google. This further helps in Search Engine Optimization process. You can see different demographics, lead source, time spent on your site and real time visitors.

Google Webmaster

Integrating Google Webmaster (also called Google Console) to your website assures that your website is being tracked by Google bots which helps in proper url indexing with Google search engine. We verify your domain name and hosting through console tool and submit your website to Google using XML feeds. Your website health is checked through Webmaster tool. Enhances web SEO.

Get 50+ SEO Backlinks from High Authority Online Business Directories

SEO Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need SEO for my website?

5 Reasons Why Your Website Requires SEO:

Your website requires SEO because of the following reasons:

  • SEO is the primary source of traffic for any website. Unless your website is optimized for search engines, your website cannot rank on the first page of Google, Bing or Yahoo. If it does not rank on top pages of search engines, your website will not receive any organic traffic, meaning the only way left for you to get traffic would be to run paid ads.
  • SEO is the only alternative to running paid ads. If you are already running paid ads and you are worried about how fast the money goes out of your pocket due to paid ads, then your only option here is to do consistent monthly SEO so that your website can begin to rank organically on Google.
  • SEO provides better user experience and information. As more and more customers are now becoming aware of overwhleming ads on Google and Bing, they have started to click on organic results rather than paid ads, because they now understands the difference between an ad that displays on top of search results vs. the organic results that provide better information and user experience. It is a known fact that only the website that have the best user experience and information ranks on top of Google search.
  • SEO boosts your online Trust and Credibility among your customers. Any website that ranks on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo wins the trust of its consumers. It is considered a plus point if your customers have found your website organically ranking first on Google. Since Google has always tried its best to give preference to the best websites and businesses to rank on top search results, your customers will trust you more if your website ranks #1.
  • SEO keeps you ahead of your competition. If your website ranks on top of search engines, then you are the one who gets rewarded with the most customer traffic. This means, your business grows faster than your competitors. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today!

How can I do SEO for my website?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. When a website is built, the search engine bots from Google and Bing crawl your website and based on the content, keywords, location, content positioning, and the overall layout begins indexing your website for search queries and search results.

This means that if your website is not built properly, the Google bots will have issues crawling your website and it will not be able to index it, meaning no search results for any query you type on Google search box. Therefore, it is important that your website is optimized for search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

SEO is usually done on the pages of your website and involves a variety of steps such as fixing the layout for your website, making your website mobile friendly, positioning your content in the correct spots on your website so that your website users, visitors and search engine bots can easily navigate your website.

SEO is done by optimizing your website with relevant keywords, keyphrases, long-tail keywords, locations, FAQ’s, rich snippets, structured data, and inbound and outbound backlinks. We follow 20 key steps when we do SEO. This ensures that your website is well optimized and can rank on the top pages of Google and Bing. There are 3 recommended steps to do SEO:

SEO Audit of your website: SEO audit is the first step to do SEO for websites. It tells us that what are the errors your website currently has and what are the places where your website is lacking optimization. This way we can work on fixing your website.

Fixing your website and installing SEO: Once we have the SEO audit report, we will fix your website and install the SEO.

Monthly SEO for website: We will then do monthly SEO maintenance and SEO management for your website by running regular technical updates, posting blogs and installing more keywords and locations. 

Boost your site rank with SEO Domination plans. Your monthly SEO can be further enhanced with our SEO Domination plans where we will create more website pages based on your target niche and locations.

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When looking for Top SEO Companies in Toronto – GTA as well as across the United States and Canada, you are looking for a company that has proven track record of past SEO achievements i.e. #1 Google Ranking, #1 Bing Rank and all other Search Engines for themselves and for their clients. VOOFA is one such SEO company that has been ranked number one on Google for thousands of keywords in multiple cities across the United States and Canada.

Our SEO experts have over 25 years of combines SEO experience. We can bring your website on the first five pages of Google and Bing. Get started with your SEO audit, then SEO installation and finally select your monthly SEO plan.