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Get started with Social Media Marketing – Social Media Advertising. We help you setup your social media accounts, create content, post it, engage customers, and generate leads. Paid ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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250+ Million impressions and specifically designed social media campaigns tailored to our client’s business goals.

#REVIEW “We have been working with VOOFA for over 5 years now. It has been an amazing experience. They have always over delivered consistently in every quarter exceeding our social media forecasts. The team at VOOFA provided greater return on investment by cutting the overall campaign cost and increasing the conversions. Excellent landing page designs.” Paul M. (Underwriter / Insurer) Mississauga, Canada ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5/5

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Get your social media page setup, account setup and engage to influence people!

Facebook has billions of users and your business can take full advantage of this great social media network. A business page helps in building rapport and trust for your customers. They trust your services and products more if they know that you have a Facebook Business Page. Our Facebook specialists will design an effective call to action Business page to WOW your customers. This will include Cover Design, Logo upload, Phone, Email, Map and About, Contact tabs updates. 

Get started with Instagram account where you can easily get followers by posting the right picture and video at the right time to the right audience. People have build online empires through Instagram alone by getting followers and monetizing the opportunity that come with buying frenzy followers. We will setup and design your new Instagram account by getting you phone verification, username, upload logo, web url and intro text.

With billions of views every second, YouTube is the place to start promoting your business. Videos are engaging and 78% of customers spend on average 43 mins on YouTube everyday. Boost your business with video marketing. Begin uploading your videos on a brand channel designed by us. Build trust via great video presentation and drive traffic to your website. Use the power of videos. We will setup your YouTube Channel with Channel Name, Verification, Logo Upload, Cover Design, About info, Phone, Email, and Web & Social Url Submissions.

LinkedIn is a professional network that is popular for generating sales leads and potential business alliances. To be on this network means access to millions of professionals who could be reached and converted into paying clients. We design professional styled LinkedIn Business pages that are optimized for generating leads & effective presentation. We will create, setup and upload logo, cover, NAP info on your LinkedIn Business Page.

Tweets are small and effective. They are popular for hashtags, reply and followers. Build your following fast with Twitter. It is known to be the most powerful social media network in terms of its reach and generating leads. We will setup your account, design the cover and update all the information with optimized keywords for more exposure online. Follow and get followed today.

Powerful social media automation tool to post automatically on 3 networks on a daily basis. Pre-schedule your social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. Save time and automate your social media posts using one platform. 

SAVE $250! Get 5 Social Media Accounts + Automation of 3 for $1000

Leverage Social Media to Increase SALES!

We engage your customers in a meaningful conversation by sharing the right message across all social media networks. We offer social media page setup and design with search engine optimization. This can be further enhanced to target your audience via paid advertisements and funnel them using our unique landing page – sales page. Empower your reach with Social Media Marketing and Decrease your daily budget, get maximized clicks and increase your ROI and customer retention today. Learn more about our social media services.

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Social Media Page Design & Setup

We design elegant responsive page designs for social media marketing. Whether it is your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or YouTube channel, we produce call to action, search engine optimized designs for social media networks. Each social media page is packed with cover design, contact details, applicable maps, page name, title, description and meta tags. Reach more customers using social media marketing. Share meaningful content and engage your customers in a conversation where you can offer them your products and services. Draw attention towards your website using social media. Get started today.

Facebook Paid Advertising with Instagram

Facebook ads is considered the best marketing to reach qualified customers on Facebook and Instagram. The data that Facebook has collected over the years provides amazing opportunity for you to penetrate in your niche, based on your target customers interests, location and other demographics. This segmentation of consumer data is very helpful in reaching out to potential paying customers. Facebook advertising campaigns can exponentially grow your business by increasing the percentage of your website visitors who will turn into paying clients. They offer comprehensive analytics on clicks, impressions and conversions.

Target, Engage and Convert Customers With Social Media Marketing