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  • Website Antivirus Scan
  • Advanced Server Scan
  • Website & Database Backup
  • Updates to myPhp and SQL
  • CMS Configuration Update
  • HTML, CSS, JQuery Update
  • Fix Broken Links 404 Errors
  • Website Hack Protection
  • Website Spam Removal
  • Template Configuration
  • Core & Application Updates
  • Updates to User Interface
  • Enhance Response Time
  • Plugins and Widget Updates
  • SEO XML Feed Submissions
  • WebLock & BruteForce
  • DNS and IP Check
  • Fix DDoS – Denial of Service
  • Brute Force Attack Scan
  • Domain, MX Record Check
  • Premium Email Support

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Level 1 – Monthly Technical Maintenance

Small Plan


Upto 5 Page Website Maintenance

Medium Plan


Upto 10 Page Web Maintenance

Large Plan


Upto 20 Page Web Maintenance

Level 2 – Monthly Technical Maintenance

Prime 1


Upto 500 Page Web Maintenance

Prime 2


Upto 1K Page Web Maintenance

Prime 3


Upto 2K Page Web Maintenance

eCommerce / Real Estate Technical Maintenance

eStore 1 / RE 1


Upto 25 Page + Upto 25 Products OR Properties. eCommerce / Property Manager

eStore 2 / RE 2


Upto 50 Page + Upto 100 Products OR Properties. eCommerce / Subscription / Auction / MLS

eStore 3 / RE 3


Upto 100 Page + Upto 500 Products OR Properties. eCommerce / Subscription / Auction / MLS

Not Interested In Monthly Maintenance?

Opt for Quarterly, Half Yearly and Yearly Maintenance.

If you think that monthly technical maintenance cost is too much for you then wait till your website crashes or gets hacked and you will pay more in recovering or redesigning a new site than what you must have paid on a monthly maintenance. Is your business and website important to you? If Yes, then on the minimum side, get our exclusive Quarterly, Half Yearly or Yearly Maintenance plan.



Technical Maintenance Anytime!



Web Maintenance Every 3 Months

Half Yearly


Web Maintenance Every 6 Months



Web Maintenance Every 12 Months

Hack Removal Services

Protect Your WordPress Site

WP Analysis


WordPress Hack Scan & Website SE Optimization Analysis

Brute Force


Brute Force, Mobile and Pharma Redirect Hack scan and Removal

DDoS Attack


Deniel Of Service Spambot Pingback (DDoS) Attack Defender System

Severe Attack


Major Website and Database Hack Investigation, Scan & Removal

Why I should do website maintenance?

Websites are designed using open source platforms like WordPress that offers unique ability to edit content using content mangement system (CMS). Developers use multiple applications known as plugins to make it functional and process visitors requests on the front end. For this they use applications such as contact form, Google maps, image gallery, photo slider, social media buttons and millions of other high resource consuming apps such as that being used for ecommerce, auctions and property management. Note that not every application is compatible with the other and some of them upon installation can completely shut down your site. Every next day, new versions and patches of these applications and the open source platform’s new version are being released to fix vulnerabilities. One has to constantly monitor and update application versions to keep compatibility issues at bay or else the website becomes prone to spam, malware and hack.

When an application is not updated on time, it break open doors for malware and hackers to crack the site. Where a newer version of the application may conflict with the old version of an application, your website will require an immediate application replacement. Failing to do so will make your site non-functional, lowering its search engine ranking. Especially for website with editing interface and ecommerce, where there are live transactions taking place every day, you must get it secured with a monthly maintenance plan. There are many ways a website can get hacked and our team at VOOFA Marketing does intensive research on methods to fix it and seach engine optimize it.

Whether it is Brute Force attack, Pharma hack or DDos attack, we have saved thousands of online businesses across the globe. We know what can go wrong and how to fix it. If you are serious about your online business and website, then you must get website maintenance plan. It is worth keeping your website safe, backed up and secured by professionals rather than waiting for it to get hacked and ultimately removed from search engine index.

17 Reasons to do Maintenance

  • Complete Protection from Hack
  • Domain, DNS Configuration Updates
  • Protection from Malware, Scripts, Spam
  • Improved server process response
  • Emergency database backup
  • Improved website loading time
  • Avoid application compatibility issues
  • Higher Google, Ask & Bing Ranking
  • Contant antivirus monitoring and scan
  • Structural Framework Updates
  • New Device Resolution Compatibility
  • Website log report monitoring
  • eCommerce Product, Orders Backup
  • eCommerce Secured transactions
  • Optimized Property, MLS management
  • Website search engine optimization
  • CMS, Widgets and Plugin updates

Protect Your WordPress Website Against BRUTE Force and DDoS Spam Attack

If you have a website and it is working for you to grow your business then be serious about maintaining it. Your website is like your car that requires regular maintenance. We can not emphasize enough on why WordPress websites should be updated in a timely manner. Many of the reasons have been updated above but there are 2 hacks that can completely kill your website leaving no way for your online venture to come back to its original money making state. Where some spam bots will auto fill your blog comments and contact form with a script waiting for you to either click a link within or approving the comment, other hacks such as Brute Force attack attempts to constantly hits your website with multiple username and password combinations to break into your website. This may end up really bad for some websites where the scripts multiplies in each folder of your website. Another hack that we have seen becoming popular over the past few years is the DDoS attack which means denial of service. In this hack the hackers sends millions of fake bot traffic to your website to consume all your bandwidth and ultimately slow and finally shut down your site. Then, they contact you to pay them a ransom to stop sending that fake traffic. Things can really go ugly online and that is the reason why we at VOOFA Marketing have designed the monthly maintenance plan to protect your business from such hack attempts. Please feel free to contact us and learn more about our hack removal and monthly maintenance services.

Why WordPress and WooCommerce Maintenance is Mandatory?

There are over 100 million websites that use WordPress content management system. Being one of the most widely used and popular open source CMS, WordPress constantly get new upgrades to counter hack, spam, malware. Knowing the fact that companies like Sony Music, MTV News, BBC America and Beyonce uses WordPress, it becomes one of the top target for hackers to break through the technical loopholes. Not just that, but WordPress bought out WooCommerce, one of the best ecommerce plugin that millions of people use for selling products and services. Where there are thousands of transactions happening every second on WordPress website, it becomes important for the open source community to develop programs that can protect these websites. If you choose to use WordPress or WooCommerce, make sure that you do weekly technical maintenance on your site. It helps in fixing the current vulnerabilities as well as optimizes your website for search engines. At VOOFA Marketing, we make sure that your WordPress and WooCommerce sites are 100% protected from such vulnerabilities. Talk to us to learn more about how we can help you backup and run consistent maintenance.

  • 100 Million+ WordPress Sites Worlwide 63.2% 63.2%
  • Technorati’s Top 100 Blogs 48% 48%
  • 86 Million Searches Per Month 52% 52%
  • 47,000+ WordPress Plugins 73.8% 73.8%
  • CMS Popularity Scale 97% 97%

WordPress Core Updates, SEO, Plugins and Widget Tune-Up Services

We do comprehensive technical mainetanance for our clients on a daily basis. We have clients who have websites with ecommerce and thousands of products and pages. For such large scale websites, maintenance becomes a daily ritual for the business to survive. For small size websites under 100 pages, we offer weekly and monthly maintenance where we update your WordPress framework, plugins, widgets, scripts, jQuery, Java, HTML and resolve all 404 redirect issues via DNS and server upgrades. Our policy is to test each plugin, template, and widget compatibility with the latest version of WordPress as well as with other operative plugins in our test environment. We create test environment for each client and only after doing rigorous testing, the upgrades are made to your website. Database backup, files and filder backup and search engine content optimization is performed for all pages and posts. The overall process is extrememly thorough where each file is scanned with our antivirus program. Server cache, speed tests are perfomed on the site along with Google webmaster console and analytics tool. If you have a WordPress website, get started with one of our technical maiantenance plan today!

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