Mississauga Seo CompanyGoogle First Page Rank has become so important that every business wants to get the top spot organically in Mississauga. If you are not interested in running paid advertisement using Google AdWords, then what are your options to get regular unpaid traffic? The answer is SEO – Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the method to organically drive free traffic to your website based on relevant keywords, phrases and locations. Unpaid free traffic can be drawn to your website using SEO but this requires strategy, hard work, and time. There is no shortcut to success when it comes to organic Google Ranking.

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Unless Your Website has SEO, You will always have to run Paid Ads that will create a hole in your pocket. Seo helps to build a strong foundation for your business online bringing free organic traffic.

Mississauga SeoAt VOOFA, our experienced seo specialists run rigorous web analysis and tracks Google algorithm changes. This helps us in recognizing the opportunities based on web structure, layout, page load speed, keywords and locations. Further, such analysis on the Google algorithm helps in implementing strategies that can produce results.

Unless your website has a higher ranking on Google, your best shot at getting customers is by using paid ads. Running paid ads can be very expensive especially when you have a lot of competition in your business and the bid per click goes higher.

We at VOOFA encompasses SEO, Link Building and Rich Snippet with Rich Text that along with Google Console/Webmaster and Google Analytics makes your website unstoppable. Check out our seo process:

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Mississauga Google First Page Ranking + Free Organic Web Traffic

If you are a business owner, entrepreneur in Mississauaga, Ontario, then you may have noticed the amount of competition that exist on Google right now. Everyone is hiring someone to do the SEO work and some companies are able to produce results while the other cannot. The reason for this is simple, the SEO companies that fix the site before implementing monthly seo wins. If you have an existing website that requires SEO fixing, then call us today. We offer 2 step search engine optimization:

  1. SEO FIX: The first step to get First page Google ranking is to fix your existing website. Your website should be in line with the Google guideline and then only it can be optimized on a monthly basis. If you are building a new website, talk to us and we will make sure that these guidelines are implemented while building your site.
  2. Monthly Seo Maintenance: The second step to get successful first page rank on Google is to maintain your website on a monthly basis. Doing so will prevent your website database from getting corrupted, or hacked. We technically maintain your site creating monthly backup and optimize the blog and pages with new relevant keywords each month.

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Mississauga Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Console

When we fix your website for seo, there are 2 things that we integrate to your website in order to track web visitors and verify your hosting with Google. The one that is being used to track web visitors is called Google Analytics and the other that is being used to verify your site status, health, hosting and Domain, DNS settings is called Google Console. These are very important tools to get higher ranking on Google:

  1. Google Webmaster: This Google tool is used to verify your website domain and hosting status. It frequently checks on the health of your website by sending periodic reports to the webmaster on errors and changes to Google algorithm. Get Google Webmaster Here.
  2. Google Analytics: The best tool so far in the Google kit is Google Analytics. Pretty comprehensive tool that reports on web visitors. From the time a customer spends on your website to the source of their origin is all tracked using this tool. Get Google Analytics Here.

VOOFA has revolutionized the way website interact with search engines and that is the reason why our customers get more leads. We help you track the web visitors who are interested in buying your products and services. We are one of the most trusted and renowned marketing agency in Mississauga for the past 10 years. If you are interested to work with a marketing company that is more than just a web company then contact us today. Contact Us!

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