Facebook Training – Personal Profile & Business Page Fundamentals


90 Mins Intensive Facebook for Business Training Session. Please read the Description below on this page to learn about the training session.

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Accelerate Your Digital Literacy with Facebook

This training include:

  1. How to use Facebook Personal Profile & Business Page – Share, Upload Pictures & Videos
  2. Introduction to Facebook Tools & Options
  3. Optimizing Your Profile & Business Page
  4. Uploading Videos, Connecting Widgets, Apps & Mobile
  5. How to make friends and create followers for business
  6. How to create engaging optimized content to WOW your audience
  7. Facebook Marketing Strategy – Connecting with Ideal Customers with Facebook Groups
  8. Introduction to Paid Facebook Advertising Tools
  9. Summarizing & Brainstorming the best strategy for your business

Facebook Training – Personal Profile & Business Page Fundamentals is a 90 mins intensive online training provided by our internet marketing experts. You must take this training if you are new to Facebook and want to get started with your personal profile as well as if you are interested to build a Facebook business page. We train you on fundamental aspects of Facebook.com such as how to use it and how to create a fan following by doing free marketing. We also include an introduction to the paid Facebook advertisement just in case you want to further do paid advertising.

We help you develop a comprehensive and profitable Facebook strategy for your business during this brainstorming session. The goal of this training session is to teach you how to get more friends and build a community of loyal brand fans. You will also learn how to engage your friends and customers by providing the right content. For this Post templates are being provided during the session.

We promote the effective and responsible use of Facebook.com

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