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90 Mins Intensive Google AdWords Training Session. Please read the Description below on this page to learn about the training session.

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Accelerate Your Digital Literacy with Google AdWords

This training include:

  1. Defining your customers and marketing goals
  2. Create Text and Display Ads on Google AdWords
  3. Improve Ad Performance with the right Keywords
  4. Adjusting bid and managing your PPC ad budgeting
  5. Researching and Targeting Keywords and Locations
  6. Creating and optimizing Ad Campaign with Extensions
  7. Running Reports and Understanding the Numbers
  8. Introduction to Landing Page designs and more…

Google AdWords training is a 90 mins intensive online training provided by our internet marketing experts. You must take this training if you want to increase your sales by running PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertisements with Google. The training teaches you how to create new search and display ads with Google AdWords. The reason why you should learn Google AdWords is to avoid the hole in your pocket that Google AdWords creates when a novice try to run ads. This session will help you to improve your ad ROI (Return On Investment).

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