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90 Mins Intensive Google Analytics Training Session. Please read the Description below on this page to learn about the training session.

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Accelerate Your Digital Literacy with Google Analytics

This training include:

  1. Learn to Track Real Time Web Visitors
  2. Basic and Advanced options on Google Analytics
  3. Track traffic source, origin, and navigation on your website
  4. Learn to track user visit time, location and device
  5. Learn about most viewed page, enter/exit and click distribution
  6. Affinity, interests and in market segmentation analysis
  7. Learn about average time spent, bounce rate, and users flow
  8. Track Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Users, Session and Pageviews
  9. Google Analytics Mobile operations and strategy improvement

Google Analytics training is a 90 mins intensive online training provided by our internet marketing experts. You must take this training if you are interested in learning about your web visitors. Google Analytics helps in tracking your online website visitors behavior by providing you with stats based on a real time analysis. From where the lead source originated to where and when it exited your website is all tracked in a comprehensive way by Google Analytics. It is one of the best tools to gather data which helps you to determine the loopholes in your business strategy.

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