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90 Mins Internet Marketing Fundamentals. Please read the Description below on this page to learn about the training session.

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Accelerate Your Digital Literacy with Internet Marketing

This training include:

  1. Overview of internet marketing tools and strategies
  2. Guide to avoid mistakes that creates a hole in your pocket
  3. Setting up business goals and finding the ideal customer
  4. Your product and services – features and benefits analysis
  5. Overview of Website, Branding, Social Media, Blog, Seo and Paid Ads
  6. Defining essential tools for implementation + Email List Building
  7. Business specific advice and strategy formulation
  8. Internet Marketing Roadmap design and Sales funnels
  9. Cost analysis – Budgeting based on Monthly & Yearly costs

Internet Marketing Fundamentals is a 90 mins intensive program that teaches you the fundamental principles of marketing. Hosted by our internet marketing expert to define your internet marketing goals specifically around your business objectives. We will give you internet marketing roadmap based on your business goals along with cost analysis and strategies to achieve each milestone. We recommend every business owner, individual, entrepreneur to complete this session before buying any services because this 90 mins session will give you a complete understanding on what you need to do with your business marketing and how much you should be spending.

If you have a website then.. Don’t miss this training!

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