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Powerful SEO service by VOOFA where all the pages and posts of your website will be optimized based on the plan your select. A comprehensive keyword research and testing is performed using Google Search Console and Google Analytics to determine the most popular keywords in your niche. We target customers based on their interests, search terms and locations. All plans include any SEO related updates that are required to keep the search engine optimization process going. If you are looking to further enhance your organic reach to potential customers, then click below to see our SEO Domination Plans:


Want to run Paid Ads on Google?

Google Ads is one of the most efficient way to get sales leads faster than waiting on organic search engine ranking. Depending on the kind of business you operate, you may be looking for quick lead generation and if that’s the case, Google Ads is your best option. You pay on pay-per-click (PPC) basis, meaning that you only pay when someone clicks on your ads. Every ad can be targeted based on their gender, age, income, and interests with many other additional constraints.


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