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Video Marketing Wiki means Wikipedia of Video Marketing that provides you with all the relevant information about video marketing, such as different tactics, answers to your video marketing questions, strategies to make your video go viral, how to get subscribers, and so forth.

Video marketing does not have a very complex definition. It is just your traditional marketing done in a visual form. The basic foundation is same and so is the desired results. It is just the process that is altered.

Content creation is a big part of video marketing that involves creating creative engaging informative content to achieve you desired goals. In video marketing, a video is used to promote your brand, products or even your services. A strong marketing campaign contains a focus on your message, a storyline, a theme and a result-oriented end.

Video marketing has many benefits and research has shown that 64% people tend to make a purchase after watching a video. YouTube, where most of all the videos are being uploaded today is the second largest search engine after Google, and so it works wonders for the SEO if optimized properly. For example: A self explanatory video can helps with the understanding of your product, brand or service, which ultimately convinces the viewers to invest in the same triggering revenue stream for you. When such a video is optimized with the right keywords, it starts to appear in the search engine results, thereby bringing more interested customers.

Apart from this, “Market Research” is one of the most important tool that one needs to know well when making videos. Knowing your audiences is very important and that is when an in depth research of your clientele, target audience comes in. Competitive analysis and gathering intel on the people you are targeting is the first step on the way.

The next thing that follows is the strategy which can be created with that information as how to reach them and target them better. Further comes the story creation and the execution of the shoot and then spreading the word with the help of the right kind of online marketing channels.

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