Project Overview

Website Design Company CanadaWebsite Development and Mobile Website, Brand Creation & Logo Design, Business Card designs with Photo Editing, Complete Content Creation & Text Editing.

Client Overview

VOOFA – Web Services is proud marketing partner of Vimotech. The company is putting together a technology that incorporates the power of the advanced display devices to facilitate the cause of better vehicle monitoring. This is a one of its kind technology that will soon change the way our current transportation law & order operates.

Brand Creation | Logo Design | Business Card Design

The company deals with Vehicle Identification Monitoring Technology. Our mission was to create a modern style logo that reflects Vehicle in the concept art. We also designed the 2 sided business cards. The designs can be seen here. If you want to use our services check our GRAPHIC DESIGN SERVICES

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Web Development and Mobile Website Design

The web design for Vimotech integrates contact form, front pic, header style, social media buttons and a mobile friendly version. Complete content editing was done by our expert text editor to include rich text for search engine optimization. Below you can see the website design. Learn more about our WEBSITE DESIGN SERVICES

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