What She Said Radio | SiriusXm Channel 167

Website Design Company CanadaProject Description

The objective of this project was to design a beautiful smart website for the radio channel that has the functionality of audio upload, YouTube channel integration, SoundCloud clips and is a perfect platform for monetization through scrolling advertisements.

Client Overview

WhatSheSaid Radio is a regular segment on SiriusXm Channel 167 in association with Canada Talks and Connect Me Radio hosted by former television news reporters Christine Bentley, Kate Wheeler and Sharon Caddy. The radio segment caters to women’s  in their later 30’s and 40’s bringing in top stories, finance, family, health, estate planning, tech or sex, drugs and rock n’ roll there’s no topic that’s off limits for the women at WhatSheSaid Radio.

Web Development

WhatSheSaid already had a register domain name with “-” hyphen used in between the WHAT SHE SAID and our first suggestion was to make it a a one word domain with a .com. Therefore the client agreed to go with whatshesaidradio.com

Next, our goal was to revamp their existing website. Their existing website was built on Godaddy Website builder. Godaddy web builder has numerous faults and restrictions in terms of the functionality and search engine optimization and therefore it became inevitable to remove if off Godaddy web builder and build a completely new website on WordPress (the no#1 open source CMS)

We started designing the website for WhatSheSaidRadio.com and finished the process approximately in 2 weeks. The website has various top of the line features such as call to action buttons, social media share and link option, responsive video gallery, SoundCloud widget for Radio clips, Button for video and to ConnectMeRadio.com, Blog slider, contest slider, monetiing slide for ads, pages for about us, contributors, sponsors, linkswelike and contact us, twitter and facebook widgets and keyword optimization and more…

Below is a screen shot of the website design for WSS (WhatSheSaidRadio.com) | SiriusXM – Channel 167) | Content courtesy: WhatSheSaidRadio.com

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Setting Up Google Analytics

As a known fact, it has become very important to track the amount of traffic a website receives on a daily basis. Tracking the visitors traffic and the time they spend of each page of your website is crucial to determine what works and what not in order to properly structure and monetize your website. These numbers helps you to properly steer your business model in the right direction and for a Radio Show — Number means everything!

So, we have setup and integrated the Google Analytics to WhatSheSaidRadio.com that helps them track the exact numbers. The good news is that their web visitors have been increasing everyday!

Graphic Design for Website (Advertisements)

WhatSheSaidRadio.com required a lot of content creation. We created graphics for web and other advertisements. Some of them are as follows:

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