Toronto cheap social media marketingOver the past 10 years, the trends in the internet marketing world has changed enormously. Social media has become a prominent factor in the marketing arena. Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Youtube have proven their potential for enhancing the way human behave and engage themselves through posting relevant content. This dramatic shift in the marketing space can be leverage to the extent where you can make easy sales!

Our team of experts at VOOFA have been analysing the whole social media marketing situation over years and our internet marketing experts have somehow nailed the sales and marketing strategy that can bring easy sales. If you are looking to get started with your social media pages, then get in touch with us. We have helped our clients to achieve their online goals. Check out our Social Media Portfolio here.

Social Media Tactics

To get started on social media, you must learn the basic steps that can enhance your customers experience so that they can take action and call you for more. You want them to call you to learn more about your services or products. This can happen if you just follow some simple, easy to follow steps:

  • Get started with major social media channels first. These are Facebook, Youtube, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The rest of the other social networks such as pinterest, instagram or tublr can be worked later on. Why the main channels? because that is the place where your customer traffic is waiting for you. So, get a well optimized page design done by an expert right away. See here.
  • Once, you are setup with your social media channels, then you should learn how and what to post on these channels that would engage your audience. The rule of thumb is to always share links to your product and service page so that people can come back to your website and buy from you. This is called creating a call-to-action post, where people take action by clicking a link placed on your social media channels. Share pictures, videos and text that is compelling for customers to like and share your posts.
  • Being an entrepreneur is not an easy task and to keep track of time in your daily routine will increase your overall business performance. The biggest mistake you can make and 99% of the small business owner always make is killing their valuable time on social media. You can almost sit whole day browsing social media without achieving anything unless you have an agenda, a plan in hand. So, what is this plan? You should use “Virtual Assistant Services” to run your social media channels while you must focus on the core of your business i.e providing excellent services, gathering resources, funds, meeting clients and running your business. If you choose not to use virtual assistants then get a system installed online from where you can easily schedule all your social media posts for months, years and all. Check out “Social Media Automation

By following the above strategies, you can simply improve the performance your business immensely. If you need more assistance, please feel free to contact us.