Toronto Cheap Web DesignLooking for Cheap Web Design that is Low in cost & High in Quality?

If you are on this page, you are perhaps looking for Cheap Website Design in Toronto – GTA. A website that is low in cost but is functional, attractive and gets you more sales. This is now possible with our website Plans where we build modern websites that are built to drive traffic at low cost.

Toronto Cheap Website Design

Cheap Mobile Friendly Website Design with SEO by VOOFA

We design websites that are mobile friendly, SEO specific to your target market and call to action to capture sales leads. We have built thousands of websites in the past 15 years and we understand what it takes to design a website that is user friendly and gets you the desired result. Everything we do on your website is based on a formulated marketing strategy. That’s why we welcome you to check our portfolio and hire the best web design seller in Toronto – GTA. Following are the web design packages you can opt in for web development.

Cheap Ecommerce Web Design in Toronto | Mississauga | North York | Oakville

We offer out of the box solution for ecommerce shopping store web design. Our ecommerce website gives you the ability to upload unlimited products, variations such as colors, size, material used along with an unlimited database to get orders and users. All this at a very cheap price. With our ecommerce add on features, you can get a website that has all the functions of a successful shopping store website. Some of these features include coupon codes, order notifications, sales reporting, auctions, payment methods and web security for transactions. Check our ecommerce plans below:

Beware of Cheap Website Design Scams in Toronto – GTA.

When hiring an individual or a company that offer web design at a cheaper price, a lot of customers make the most common mistake of hiring amateurs or agents (the one who are not based in Canada or US) who have very little to no understanding about the North American marketing trends. Here is imperative to mention that hiring a person/company that tells you that they can buy your domain name and webspace/hosting “on your behalf” from some local servers company they know or own can lead you to fraud such as domain hijacking and holding your website hostage for ransom. Cheap website, hosting and domain from unprofessional amateurs can end up in more payments and frustrations.

Cheap Web Design Fraud & Scam on Kijiji & Craigslists – Selling from $50 to $399

Are you thinking of hiring someone off Kijiji or Craigslits? Think twice before you do so.

We have seen numerous cases where a person/company bought the Domain Names on behalf of the customer and never provided the hosting access. Some of them even say that since it has to do with security and the site is built on their server, they cannot provide you the access. Yep! those are some excuses they make, but the underlying issue is that they have already hacked in your site and don’t want you to know anything, rather they just want you to pay them the hosting fee every month. So, once they setup your website and it is up and running and booming with lots of visitor traffic – The person/agent/company came back saying “Are you interested to buy your domain name from us?” or “Do you want to buy your website” which you already paid for when they first built it. But, since its on their server, your emails, your website, your domain is under their name and credit card, it is technically not possible for you to claim it as your anymore. Well, that’s how the fraud rolls in today’s world. Website selling for $150, $250 or $399 are just scams with hidden costs. Such web designers are scammers that are just starting off. BEWARE!

How to protect yourself from getting into Web Design Fraud & Scams?

While choosing which company or person is best for your website design – try to do your own research before hiring someone. See what all companies the person/company is associated with. Check out their portfolio. Talk to them! Don’t get fooled by cheap price offers. It is important to understand the fact that having a website means nothing unless there are visitors who are interested to visit your web pages. Millions of websites are launched everyday on the internet and your website should be able to top search engine listings, otherwise – its better not to have one!  It takes time, efforts and money to build a website. So make sure that your website is done properly so that you can receive a lot of visitor traffic.

Why we can sell it for Cheap & get it done right for you?

We at VOOFA make sure that your domain name, hosting and website are all secured by you and you get full access to the login information to such accounts, and at the same time costing you less money & zero frustrations. We can make it happen because we are the largest website design wholesaler and we have multiple web design projects running parallel to new developments. We care for our customers and we want to work with them on a long term basis. Our portfolio shows that we have a history of working with same customers for over 10 years. You won’t find many companies out there who can claim to be working with the same client for that long. It is all about trust and goodwill for us.

Our Cost is Low. Call it Cheap if you would like. But, the fact that every website is fully secured by you and, you become the owner of the final product makes us reliable for your web development. We display all our pricing upfront with no hidden costs.

toronto web design servicesToronto Cheap Website Design

If you are located in Toronto-GTA and want some free advice or you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call. We can even arrange a face to face meeting to make sure that you can put a face to the company you are willing to hire!

We provide the best website design services and known for developing interface oriented website & online systems. Serving: USA & CANADA, including all major cities and towns such as Toronto, Mississauga, Vaughan, Markham, Whitby, New Market, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, Woodbridge, Etobicoke, North York, East York, Brampton, Oakville and all 905 areas.

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