Mississauga Cheap Web DesignerAre you looking to increase your sales online for your existing business or if you are starting up online with your new business and want more exposure? No matter whatever is your case, but we are here to help you kickstart your sales online. Like any brick and mortar business, online businesses requires a lot of consistency and efforts. Other than that it requires planning from the seed stage. Today, we are going to give you some simple, easy to follow steps that will give you the answers to some of the questions that every business owner struggles with… here are some of the popular questions that we come across every single day. Read them and see if it helps you:

Direct Questions From Our Customers: (P.S some of the questions we are answering come directly from the question poll we did in our seminar and they may sound a bit non professional)

1. Where should I begin as I am overwhelmed with all the terms some of these website designers use and I am naive to online marketing?

A: Every term that your website designer uses can be searched over the internet and therefore keep making notes and do your due diligence before you begin working with a web developer. You can simply start by first — finding the right web designing company that understands your requirement. Make sure the company you hire has the right credentials and portfolio to back up their presence online. You want to hire a marketing company rather than just a web designer because with the amount of saturation and competition out there.. you simply don’t want to get stuck with a useless non functional website. You want a company that point you in the right direction and help you achieve your online goals.

What is hosting and domain and which is a good company to work with?

A: Hosting is the place where you store your website over the internet to run it smoothly. Domain is simply the name of the URL that you purchase as the name of your company or keywords related to your niche. Choose companies like Godaddy, Vincify or any local based servers, but make sure that these companies have the right credentials and read reviews about them. Again, research is important before you start spending your money.

What the hell is SEO? Why some people guarantee the first page rank while some say its not possible.. I really want my business website to be on the first page of Google.

A: SEO means Search Engine Optimization. The term is related to optimizing your website to rank higher on search engines like Google, Ask, Yahoo and Bing etc. The organic ranking can be achieved by inserting the proper tags and keywords within the structure of your website and content plays a vital role. Depending on your niche, some keywords may put you on the first page of Google but nothing is guaranteed since Google and other search engines are still third party websites and a website designer or so called seo Guru’s have no control over these internet giants. Google can simply change the algorithm they use to index websites and suddenly your web ranking can either boost up or fall. Be cautious when you work with anyone who claims to put you on the first page of search engine because they might be using what is called “the blackhat technique” which is simply spamming and creating backlinks. These tricks can hurt your website severely. We have seen cases where website were banned from the search engines. The best technique to get higher ranking is to be consistent with your content. Talk to us to learn more!