Toronto Google Analytics Expert SEO GuruWonder how companies boost up their sales by up to 47% in their first year itself? How do they know how much traffic they get from various campaigns online, organic ranking on Google or social media and how much traffic is converting into paying leads?”

The answer is hidden in the way these companies and businesses are using techniques and tools to track and find out which traffic source is more effective. They are learning every second about the customer behaviour and what the visitors likes and dislikes about your online campaigns.

Google Analytics is what we are talking about. The ultimate tool to track your online visitors. It is a free tool that keeps track of the performance of your online campaigns, website traffic or mobile apps. By simply adding a tiny piece of tracking code to your website, you can literally track every hit that you get on your website. Not just that but you can track the behaviour and navigation of that lead. This provides you with insights about your online business which helps you to evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. This way you will better understand your target audience and optimize the performance of your website.

In a nutshell, Google Analytics studies the visitors to your website, mobile site or mobile app (Audience), what brought them on your website (Acquisition), what they did on your website (Behavior) and if they did what you wanted them to (Conversion).

Here are few metrics that Google Analytics offers:

  • Sessions – The total number of visitor “sessions” to your site
  • Users – The total number of unique visitors to your site
  • Pageviews – The total number of pages viewed on your site
  • Pages per Session – The average number of pages viewed per session (visit)
  • Average Session Duration – The average amount of time visitors stay on your site
  • Bounce Rate – Percentage of visitors that leave your site after viewing only one page
  • New Users – Percentage of total visitors who arrived at your site for the first time

If you are looking to boost your website and track your leads online so that you can focus on what exactly is bring you leads then talk to us and we will help you setup your Google Analytics account.

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