website design mississaugaWondering why your Google Ads, FacebookInstagramYouTube,  LinkedIn ads are not performing? Why your campaign is failing and you don’t see any quality traffic or sales leads? Well, the answer is that your website Home Page or the landing page you are directing your ads to is poor. What you need to do is to improve the quality of your landing page that can ultimately improve the quality of your ads. Simple!

Landing Page Design

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Your website is the place from where you receive inquires and sales leads, but what if the HOME page itself has been designed poorly and you are running ad campaigns to this poorly designed page? Ofcourse! your ad performance will be poor and your business will suffer. We see that almost 90% of ads that run on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media networks are not performing to their fullest capacity. This is due to the poorly done landing page. Further, all your money is going to a hole! You cannot save your business expenditures if you do not correct your landing page right now!!

Landing Page Design Toronto

Landing Page Design

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VOOFA offers quality landing page design services where we focus on the quality of the design, features and follow the guideline set by search engines. We don’t want our clients to lose money running inefficient ads online. The only way to stop is to work on the HOME page or design a separate landing page that is built to perform for ads. Following are some of the MUST for a landing page design:

  1. Attractive look and feel of the page layout with Graphics & Branding

  2. Call to action contact form, email and phone number

  3. Strategic placement of content such as the most prominent services and products on the spot where customers call click and take action

  4. Payment button, Signup button and Subscribe button

  5. Social Media icons & sharing options

  6. Heat Map compatible

  7. SEO enabled landing page design

  8. Testimonials and Reviews

  9. Video Compatible Landing Page

  10. Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel integration

  11. Email marketing – Optin Box & List building integration

and guess what? we got you covered. With the most powerful landing page features!!

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Landing pages are the best way to do paid marketing online. Your Pay Per Click or PPC ad can only perform well if your landing page is done properly. Landing page must be boosted with SEO keywords and locations along with call to action email, phone number and contact form.

If you are trying to sell online, then your landing page should have payment button, urgency countdown timer, video and email marketing optin box. So, are you ready to improve your ads and landing page/home page? Here is your chance!!

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