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Do You Consider Yourself An Expert Salesperson?

Job Title: Sales & Business Development Executive

Serious inquiries only – Read carefully before applying: Before applying to our “Sales & Business Development Executive” position, please note that this is a commission based job with bonuses. We are only hiring candidates with experience in selling services to individuals and businesses. Candidates with knowledge about the internet and website will be given preference.

We are looking for confident sales person who has extensive knowledge and experience in developing business. The commissions rates are decided based on your skills and experience. We believe that a true sales person can sell anything and everything and if you think you have what it takes to be a true sales person, contact us. This is a performance based job.

Since, VOOFA is one of the top virtual assistant network, you can be located anywhere in United States and Canada. You will be selling our internet marketing packages to small business owners and entrepreneurs. Working in this position will require you to generate your own leads based on door to door, business to business, online, offline, social media marketing and cold calling.

Interested candidates must fill in the application form on this page.

Toronto Top Sales Job Hire

“Working with VOOFA means transparency & fun. They pay on time and commission structures are pretty crazy 😉 As I am not from the tech world, the team at VOOFA has proven to be very helpful in explaining technical stuff to my clients. I am learning a lot and proud to be part of their team”

– Tony Miller | Sales Executive VOOFA

“I would say they want me to be as successful same as the way they are.. commission structures speaks out for itself. What you are selling is services but they are more like products. I walked in so many small businesses promoting VOOFA products and have got substantial leads. Believe it or not but this is easy sales. Love working in sales. Thanks”

– Marie Norman | Sales Executive VOOFA

“I am working 3 days a week so far, making quite a good amount. You gotta be really good at sales if you want to make it big. I would say if you know in your heart that you can sell no matter what language you speak or what culture you come from, then this job is worth doing.”

– Chris Santiago | Sales Executive VOOFA

Hiring Sales Executives

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