Toronto WordPress Website Hack RemoveDo you have a website that is built on WordPress? If yes, then you must get enrolled in our monthly WordPress Technical Maintenance Plan. The reason why we recommend a monthly plan for WordPress is the higher rate of WordPress websites that almost gets hacked everyday.

If you have an existing WordPress website or your website is already compromised by malicious hack, then do not wait and contact us immediately. Our email services are open 24×7. We are here to help you resolve the issues you have with your website.

Why WordPress Has Higher Security Risk?

Where WordPress is the most popular CMS to build and manage website, it is backed by open source community of web experts. Even though Google treats WordPress as a blog, which is the main reason for higher Google ranking, WordPress is prone to security risks. Unfortunately the sheer volume of sites and extensive documentation available also assist hackers to learn enough about the system to identify the weaknesses of a WordPress site and capitalize on those weaknesses. One such example is called Brute Force. This attack can compromise any WordPress website and the hacker can insert malicious scripts that makes it more vulnerable.

Once a malicious script gets inserted into a WordPress CMS, it can automatically duplicate itself and can create redirect links, spam content, or can even get completely hacked showing pages from another website. Even after removing such virus, malicious scripts from the website, the website is never as the hacking can reoccur because it is very hard to investigate the parts of database that were hacked earlier. Thus, a monthly technical plan assures 100% safety, where we run daily antivirus scans and keeps updating various plugins, widgets and WordPress versions. In case of hack attempts, we can reinstall your website from our local backup within 24 hours. Check our Technical WordPress Maintenance Plans here.

Below is an interview with Internet Marketing Guru Vivek Raj Shivhare on hacking. Hope you like it.