Toronto Social Media MarketingDo you own a Restaurant, Bar, Meal Delivery Kitchen or a Coffee Shop in Toronto – GTA? Are you looking for the right marketing agency to help you generate more business via web design, social media marketing, branding, video production, education and training? VOOFA can help!

A website tells the consumers what are your business all about. Without visiting the restaurant they can understand the restaurant, its cuisine and everything it stands for. The mission statement, values of the restaurant, its functional hours and also its theme by just visiting the website. It also helps the local community to identify the restaurant and come to terms of its existence in turn making them visit the restaurant or order from it online.


Toronto Restaurant Web Design | Bars, Coffee Shops and Healthy Meal Delivery Website Designer

Toronto Restaurant Website Design Digital AgencyWhile print advertising and branding is a good way forward, it becomes difficult to garner a lot of audiences and the right kind of consumer to the restaurant with just that.  What the pizza shops, cafés and even the restaurants need is an online presence and the ability to order online. We have built online ordering system, ecommerce for restaurants, bars, meal delivery companies and coffee shops. Our website design plans include Google Maps, Home Page Slier, Contact Form, SEO, Picture Gallery and Pages for About Us, Terms, Privacy, Menu and more. You can upgrade your website with Ecommerce add on and social media marketing plans as well. Check our exclusive web design pricing below:

Toronto Restaurant Web Design

Toronto Restaurant Ecommerce – Bar | Healthy Meal Delivery | Coffee Shop Website Design Digital Agency – Online Ordering System

The market is teeming with restaurants, bars, pizza shops and cafes. How does a restaurant make it special and stand out? Is it even possible to make your food and delivery business completely stand out from the crowd? With so many competitors in the row, it becomes difficult to keep it together and know how to market your brand to generate visitors traffic, therefore, increasing your visibility in your neighborhood area and across Toronto – GTA become very important. You need to reach out to as many people as possible so that your sales increases.

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At VOOFA we offer the best possible web design, seo, social media marketing, video production, monthly maintenance and branding services. With our unique seo technique we have helped businesses to get more customers by doing proper social media marketing and brand positioning.


Toronto Restaurant Logo Design | Flyer Design | MENU Design Services for Bars, Coffee Shops and Healthy Meal Delivery Companies

No brand means No Sales. The Food Industry is all about Branding and brand positioning and therefore it becomes important for you to have certain standards to get consumers to trust you.

No matter how good your food tastes or your services are… if you don’t have a brand that they can remember or relate to, you will not become successful in the food business.

The difference that it makes it undoubtedly the best possible way forward for any restaurant that wants to make its mark and in turn increase its sales. You should get your Logo Design, Menu Design, Flyer Design, Brochure Design, Store Banner Design, Business Cards and other printed material designed and printed in high quality.

Toronto Restaurant Web Design

Google My Business Listings for Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops and Healthy Meal Delivery Kitchens – Get More WALK IN Customers in Your Restaurant

Google My Business Listing MapsWith the world shrinking and technology on the rise, people are getting lazier by the day. They don’t really want to step out all the time to experience the dining experience. So how do they get the food at home without any hassle of getting out of their pajamas? An ecommerce website which shows the menu and even allows the people to order from it! The website with reviews and testimonials from customers along with images of dripping cheese and frothy milkshakes is enough for them to order a ton lot of food to get you enough revenue. The consumer gets the food without leaving the confines of their house and the restaurant gets their profits. All this is possible with Google My Business Listings. Your food business can now be available online via Google Maps and with their reviews, pictures, hours of operation, 360 degree store photography and videos, your customers can now make up their mind to visit you while in your area or travelling around the city.

Toronto Restaurant Web Design

Toronto Restaurant SEO | Bar SEO | Coffee Shop SEO | Healthy Meal Delivery SEO

Toronto Restaurant Seo Traditional advertising is boring now. Print is slowly dying and everyone has a smart phone they can just open and see and so online is the best way to create an identity with the customers. Further, you need to get out there online with your website to rank higher on Search Engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. This can be only accomplished if you are ready to work with an SEO expert. SEO means Search Engine Optimization. This is the technique of using relevant keywords, phrases and rich snippet content on your existing website to make it rank higher than your competition on Google. Higher ranking or first page rank on Google means more visibility and sales. You can get started with organic SEO below:

Toronto Restaurant Web Design

Toronto Facebook Ad Agency | Social Media Marketing | Business Page Design

Toronto Social Media MarketingAs mentioned earlier, the competition is not getting any less, instead there are more cafes, pizza shops and even commercial restaurants cropping up by the minute. So then how does one set the restaurant apart from the others competitors? Simple, by having one of the best and most talked about online presence – Social Media. With such fierce competition in this industry, to ensure that people remember you, you need to be different and have your own unique selling point and presence on Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube. You don’t have to be decadent about your social media and spend a lot on it, you just have to make sure that your social media presence looks absolutely divine and others are even barely close to your brand.

Toronto Restaurant Web Design

You can further enhance your social media by getting paid advertising as follows:

Monthly Maintenance for Website, Social Media and SEO

Toronto Monthly Web MaintenanceIn this day and age, anything or anybody not on the net creates suspicions. To build trust, having an online presence is very important. It encourages the people to know more about the brand and order from it or even go and experience what the restaurant has to offer. An online presence goes a long way to create impressions, but if you do not maintain your online presence, it will soon drop the visitors traffic. With all the competition around, the only way to sustain your mark online is by properly maintaining your online revenue channels, this include Website Updates, Social Media Posts and SEO. We do this all for you at a fraction of the revenue that you generate.

Toronto Restaurant Web Design