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Complete Video Production

We create impact in the market by producing videos that coveys the right message to the right audience. Whether indoor green screen production or an outdoor documentary, we have the tools to bring out the best of your storyline, interviews, music videos, commercial ads and short movies. Every video is edited by our expert senior editors who have the experience of working with some of the top television and movie production houses. Our goal is to provide you with the best quality video under your budget. If you have a story, then we know how to tell it to your audience!

Toronto Video Marketing Production Company

Personal & Product Photography

VOOFA bring you the best high quality photography services at minimal cost. Whether you want to have a green screen personal modelling photos done or outdoor shooting, our team will create a brand around you. From product photography to store photos, real estate house pictures, we are your one stop shop.

Business Branding & Video is IMPORTANT!

If you are planning to increase your exposure online, then proper brand positioning and video can be of greater importance. As a known fact, social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, can easily help you maximize your reach to potential customers and create a loyal following. For the first time – VOOFA has made both studio quality photo shoots and video production affordable for individuals and small business owners. Get 100% HD videos filmed, Green Screen Interviews, Personal & Product Photography with Enhanced Editing today! Contact us with your requirements.

Our Clients

  • Corporate Videos 69% 69%
  • Personal & Product Photography 88% 88%
  • Small Business Videos 93% 93%