Toronto Web DesignerLooking for “Web Design” – A Website that works on Cell Phone – Android & Apple Devices, Tablets, Desktop and Laptops all alike? Then look no further. VOOFA offers you the convenience of shop from home Web Design services, where you can easily select your web design plan on this site, add features of your choice and know what it costs to build your dream website.

Buy Cheap Affordable Web Design Services in Toronto, Ontario

For over a decade, VOOFA has been helping businesses across North America in developing their online and offline marketing campaigns. We work with some of the most prestigious brands in Canada and the US who have shown their trust for our services. We want you to take a look at our portfolio before you decide to work with us.


Following are steps to follow in order to get started with web design. Remember their are 4 key components when looking to buy web design from any company. These are:



  1. MANDATORY: Select a Web Design Plan based on the number of pages
  2. OPTIONAL: Add if you require Ecommerce or Real Estate features for your website
  3. OPTIONAL: Add LIVE Chat, Google Translator, Landing Page, Forms etc.
  4. MANDATORY: Select Your Monthly Maintenance Plan based on the number of web pages

Why Choose VOOFA for Marketing?

Toronto Website Designer Seo ExpertVOOFA is a performance driven marketing agency. We believe that our clients results speak louder than what we can ever say about our services. When you choose to hire us, we bring our business, technology and design expertise to innovate and enhance your marketing experience. We do not take our clients as granted and always keeps on improving the results. Where we have helped thousands of businesses to grow their sales by running result oriented marketing campaigns, we welcome you to work with us and see if yourself. Our marketing rates are cheaper than our 99% of competition especially with the kind of portfolio we have and the clients that use our services regularly.

Marketing Budget Calculator by VOOFA

We have also designed a budgeting tool that you can use to calculate your marketing costs. Start your marketing today!!


Toronto Professional Web Designers – Our Process

Toronto Web DesignNot every business is the same and not every customer of yours is same, therefore we take a pin pointed approach where we work closely with you to understand about your needs and target audience. This require initial research about your company, products, services, competition and marketing goals.

Next, we get our web technicians to find the best hosting and domain service provider. Since we only deliver professional designs by expert brand and graphic designers, we make sure that our web experts are working closely with our graphic artists. Web layouts are first prepared along with the coding framework and then applications such as picture slider, contact form, Google maps, image galleries, social media icons are installed.

Further, content with unique font size, color combinations, url link buttons are uploaded. Once the layout and coding phase is completed, we run extensive web performance tests to determine errors related to web page load speed and links. After this, the website is launched and submitted to search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.


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We have successfully delivered web design for customers such as Realtors (Real Estate Agents), Real Estate Investors, Property Managers, Plastic Surgeons, Optometry Clinics, Dental Clinics, Trucking and Warehousing Clients, Food Delivery, Fitness Celebrity, Musicians, Singers, Actors, Radio Stations, News Reporters, Politicians, Charities, Churches, Renovation Companies, Construction Companies, Accountants and Lawyers.