Toronto-wordpress-hack-removal-servicesOver the past 10 years, WordPress has become the most popular content management system for business and blogging websites. The CMS (Content management system) provides great features to build a robust website that can be changed using third party plugins anytime. Where third party plugins help increase the functionality and features on a WordPress CMS, they invite serious hacks, virus and spam.

Even though every attempt is being made with every new version of WordPress that is released almost every 2 months, WordPress is still considered a fragile platform for website design. Being the no#1 blogging CMS and offering numerous features and being supported by an open source tech community – the number of WordPress websites online are increasing everyday. As a matter of fact, even with numerous hacks that occur with WordPress, people tend to love this CMS. The answer is real simple, the website on WordPress uses .PHP, CSS and HTML 5 which makes it highly compatible with Google, Yahoo, Ask and Bing Search engines and afterall, why would someone want a website for? — to get more sales online and WordPress (WP) seems the best solution.

The problems with WordPress are real i.e hacks, spam, virus and malware. But, that is very similar to any other CMS such as Joomla, which means that every website can get hacked if not taken care of.. and unless you hire the right people in your team who can monitor your website, your website will be prone to virus and hack attack. What is the solution?