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NOTE: This is a monthly subscription service. Once you buy this package, please send us a detailed email on what all are your requirements along with the Username and Password for all your social media and WordPress accounts to

Core Assistance

This plan offers 4 Blog Post updates for your website. Each blog is written keeping in mind our call-to-action technique of convincing customers to take action after reading relevant information about your company, product, services or market trends. If you have a Podcast website, then we offer 4 audio or video uploads along with podcast posted through feedburner to publishing on iTunes. Core assistance plan comes with daily antivirus scan, hack protection, server updates, WordPress core updates, SEO and various top of the line maintenance features to make your website run smoothly.

Advanced Assistance

The most popular Virtual Assistance plan where we take care of your whole website, social media, blogging, real estate property upload and eCommerce product upload. This comprehensive plan comes with full website maintenance including Search Engine Optimization. We will update every page, post, graphics, ads and scripts for your website. With daily social media feeds, monthly email marketing campaigns and WordPress core updates, this plan is our top seller. Your website will be backed-up every week and we will closely monitor your website to prevent malicious spam or hack.


With 1.44 billion monthly active users, Facebook is one of the biggest social media network. Increase your brand reach by using Facebook. We target your niche and engage your company with potential customers, driving qualified traffic to your website, topical quality content thereby turning your friends into subscribers and fans. With our Virtual Assistance plan, you will see gradual increase in customer engagement.


Twitter is the best interface for micro-blogging. We can help your company to broadcast links and back-links to your squeeze pages and website. Our strategy is to help you follow the followers of the companies in your niche so that you can get a follow back in return. We implement direct communication strategy with your customers by optimizing twitter page, retweeting, hashtags and by creating good quality micro-blogging content.

Google Plus

Google has been working on how people interact over the internet. This resulted in creating a platform that analyse the behavior of customers and how they share a thought. Google plus is not Facebook but a more modified and enhanced network. We help you target your customers in your Google+ business circles. Our goal is to create news and information bulletins that are convincing enough to trigger sales and drive traffic to your website.


Google owns YouTube! This helps in organic search engine optimization. The best way to do social media marketing is through videos. The best source online to drive free traffic to your websites and other social media pages. Our inbound and outbound link marketing will help your customers to find you on search engines. Our team of experts will monetize your videos.


Pin your pictures online and attract more customers to your website. We will setup your account and will integrate that to your website and other social media channels. The pictures posted will be created by our graphic design team who will create a perfect flair of colors, text and message. With proper strategy and consistency, you will notice an increase in your business.


LinkedIn is a professional network to collaborate with industry experts. We will share your message with other businesses using your linkedIn profile. Our strategy will help you market your company’s latest updates in a consistent way on LinkedIn. Our message will attract potential talents, consumers and business for you. You will be able to create association with like minded individuals and businesses.

Custom Assistance Price Plan

If you have specific requirements for your website or you are looking to promote your products and services online based on a specific strategy, then contact us. Companies looking for bulk product uploads every week or real estate companies that want more than 4 properties to be uploaded each week must contact us. From property management, Weekly Newsletters to full eCommerce shopping cart handling and periodic graphic design work, print and bulk video uploads, we offer fully integrated services. We will design a custom plan for you. Our goal is to be your technical hand while you are busy growing your business. We have a track record of working consistently with clients over 5 years in a row. Toronto Virtual Assistant Website Seo Updates in Mississauga. Monthly WordPress Woocommerce Maintenance. Social Media Management in North York and Etobicoke.