Wordpress Hack Remove Brute Force DDoS AttackRead This Article Carefully Because If You Have Been Hit by Brute Force Or DDoS, This Will Really Help. This Blog is for every WordPress website owner who is serious about the business and wants to protect against malware vulnerability and severe hacks:

Recently we have seen an increase in the number of WordPress websites getting hacked. It is no surprise that the most popular (owning 70% market share) and easy to use content management system (CMS) WordPress is the target for hackers. In our research we found 2 attacks to be very common and severe to the extent that your website resources get abused and your site shuts down no matter if you change the server. Let me explain you both of these attacks in this article:

Brute Force Attack – WP LOGIN | wp-admin Abuse

Brute Force: This is one of the most common hack attack that hackers try using illegal server redirects, unidentified IP addresses and software to send spiders (bots) to your website wp-admin (login) page. They keep on hitting the login page with a series of username and password combinations well chosen and picked from the content of your website. Your website admin name is easily visible and they try to abuse by creating similar combinations similar to “One Lock” and “Many Keys” scenario. If your site is being hit by Brute Force attack, please get your monthly maintenance plan here.

DDoS Attack – WordPress Server Resource Abuse | Hackers Call for Ransom – Google Listing Removal – Ranking Gets Affected.

DDoS Attack: DOS meaning “Denial Of Service” and DDos meaning “Distributed Denial Of Service” is a SEVERE hack attack that usually begins with either Brute Force login hack or through a theme or plugin loophole abuse. Once the hacker gets access to your website files and folders, they create a series of hidden admin users through the mysql database and then load scripts that keeps on loading malware folders to your WordPress directory and folders. These malware files and folders look similar to genuine WordPress folders and usually are ignored by the antivirus, securi scan, wordfence and other plugins that you may want to use to remove the hack. Believe it or not but even if you identify the malware files and folders and delete them yourself, the very next day you will find the same malware files loaded back to the same spot in the WordPress directory.

While this all is happening, you will also see that your site may start to redirect to various other websites that have nothing to do with your business such as pornography sites, viagara hack also called pharma hack etc. Sometimes, your desktop version will continue to work but your mobile site will be redirected to illegal websites. The hack game is not over YET! – Once they brutally abuse the web files and folders, the next thing the hacker does in the DDoS attack is to send spam bots (Spider) in bulk (i.e in Millions) to your website domain to drive traffic to the websites that they want to make popular for their own greedy unknown reasons. This kills your server resources completely putting a heavy load and shutting down your website. So, your website is basically going to be DOWN. This is the Distributed Denial Of Services that is done using various unknown IP addresses and bot traffic are sent in millions to your web domain. 

When such DDoS Attack happens, there is no way out because hacker will start to abuse your domain name by sending bot traffic. Forget about the files and folders they were abusing, now the hacker gets more interested in shutting down your website and harming your business. Your website cannot go live until the hacker stops that traffic and this is the time when you may receive an email from the hacker demanding for money to release your website and domain. This is a clear ransom trick that the hacker uses all the time. If your website got hit by a DDoS attack then, please get your monthly maintenance plan here.

How To Avoid and Protect Your WordPress Website

If you are a business owner who has a website and you think that it can maintain itself, then it is just like talking about a car that can maintain itself. You can understand what I mean by that. The internet is evolving really fast and so is the case with hacking, abusing, and plagiarizing content. If you think that your website is not worth maintenance, it is good – NOT to have one in the first place.

At VOOFA Marketing Services, we receive numerous inquiries across the world to help WordPress site owners to provide assistance with web protection and hack removal. Our technical team have specialists and programmers who can tackle the situation for you. We understand that your business is important and if you think that your website is important, then get a Maintenance On Your Website right away before it is too late.