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  • Website Antivirus Scan
  • Advanced Server Scan
  • Website & Database Backup
  • Updates to myPhp and SQL
  • CMS Configuration Update
  • HTML, CSS, JQuery Update
  • Fix Broken Links 404 Errors
  • Website Hack Protection
  • Website Spam Removal
  • Template Configuration
  • Core & Application Updates
  • Updates to User Interface
  • Enhance Response Time
  • Plugins and Widget Updates
  • SEO XML Feed Submissions
  • WebLock & BruteForce
  • DNS and IP Check
  • Fix DDoS – Denial of Service
  • Brute Force Attack Scan
  • Domain, MX Record Check
  • Premium Email Support

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Small Plan

Upto 5 Page Website Maintenance


Extra Large Plan

Upto 500 Page Technical Maintenance


eStore / Real Estate

eCommerce / Real Estate Technical Maintenance


Medium Plan

Upto 10 Page Website Maintenance


Ultimate Plan

500 – 1000 Page Web Maintenance


eCommerce Plan 2

25+ Products / Subscription / Quickbooks Based eCommerce


Large Plan

Upto 20 Page Website Maintenance


System Plan

Interface Technical Maintenance


Quarterly Plan

Technical Maintenance Every 3 Months. Must for Editing Sites .

$250/3 months

Website Hack Removal Services


WordPress Hack Analysis


Brute Force

Brute Attack Removal


DDoS Attack

DDoS Attack Removal


Severe Attack

SEVERE Hack Removal


Why You MUST DO Monthly Maintenance?

The day you launch your website on the internet, your hosting and domain provider legally releases your contact and domain information in public, even though there are options available for domain protection, most of these companies share this data. Your information in the public domain is usually copied and abused by spammers and hacker who use robots (bots/spiders)/malware software to find loopholes in the CSS, HTML, JQuery coding as well as third party applications that your website uses. Hackers would directly attack your login forms and blog comments with script that triggers hack and divert your web visitors traffic to their desired websites. Other than that all websites are prone to get attacked by server itself that uses shared hosting, where one website with virus can multiply the script and your site can be damaged within seconds. Most of this happens without you being able to notice anything on the front end, therefore every site must be updated on a regular basis to avoid vulnerable hacks. Proper maintenance protects your website from hackers, spammers and improves your web performance assuring up to date compatibility with Search Engines that directly enhances your SEO Ranking. If you have an ecommerce website where customers are buying or selling products or services, then Monthly Technical Maintenance is a MUST! You don’t want your website to get hacked and leak out your customer’s private information in the public domain which a lot of hackers are fond of doing these days.

17 Reasons for Maintenance

  • Protection from Hack, Malware, Spam
  • Better Mobile Website Visibility
  • Improve Web Performance & Response
  • Application Updates for Compatibility
  • Higher Google, Ask & Bing Ranking
  • Improved Server Response Time
  • Enhanced Image Cache Loading
  • Constant Monitoring 
  • Structural Framework Updates
  • Device Resolution Compatibility
  • Database Backup for Emergency
  • Keeping Record of Web Engagement
  • Domain, DNS Configuration Updates
  • eCommerce Product, Orders Backup
  • eCommerce Secure transactions
  • Content and keyword optimization
  • Optimized Property, MLS management

Protect Your WordPress Website Against DDoS & BRUTE Force Attack

Severe hacks and spam attack such as DDoS and Brute Force can completely shut down your entire site. Hackers are getting smarter and so are their hack bots. They can send fake bot traffic in millions which can eat up all your website resources in a split second and your website will be down once & forever until they keep hitting the domain. We have seen such hackers demanding ransom to stop this kind of traffic. With VOOFA, you can be rest assured that we will not only remove the hack but will re-establish your website back to where it was before. Where regular updates are mandatory for WordPress, we offer comprehensive maintenance plans that keeps your website safe and secure from unauthorized access & hacks. Our maintenance plans can be used based on your direct requirement. If your website has 50+ pages with customer login or eCommerce, you must get our “Monthly Technical Maintenance” plan. Whereas if your website is smaller with none of the features mentioned above, then you must do our “One-Shot Maintenance” every 6 months. Worst come to worst if your website is hacked, we can help with content recovery. Toronto WordPress Maintenance – WooCommerce Hack Removal Seo. Monthly Antivirus Protection, Plugin Updates. Pharma, DDos, Brute Force Mississauga and North York.

Mandatory WordPress and WooCommerce Maintenance

WordPress is the most popular and widely used open source content management system (CMS) that is search engines friendly. Unlike any other website building interface – WordPress is an open source content management system used by 67% of the websites online. Big companies and names like Sony Music, MTV News, BBC America and Beyonce uses WordPress. So, if you have made a choice to build your website on WordPress, then you are going in the right direction. Due to the nature of open source, WordPress is a community software. It is maintained by a large group of volunteers majority of whom are WordPress consultants with active interest in growing and maintaining WordPress. As the technology advances, WordPress gets updated as well. It is mobile friendly, simple and easy to use interface. When you choose WordPress, you have complete control over your website.

  • 74.6 Million WordPress Sites Worlwide 24.3% 24.3%
  • Technorati’s Top 100 Blogs 48% 48%
  • 37 Million Searches Per Month 52% 52%
  • 29,000+ WordPress Plugins 73.8% 73.8%
  • CMS Popularity Scale 97% 97%

Plugins, Widgets, Core Updates With Site Backup & SEO

Websites on WordPress are built by integrating different applications. This includes third party widgets and plugins. WordPress releases its security and regular updates to fix vulnerabilities in the CMS. Any mismatch with the third party plugins and WordPress version can lead to problems like broken links and website shutdown. Hackers are always looking for such opportunities to insert malicious scripts in the website coding, comments and widgets. Not just that but websites built on shared servers are more prone to getting hacked. Therefore, every website requires periodic maintenance. Depending on the size of the website, the interval schedule for maintenance are decided. A larger website will require daily maintenance. These tune-up keeps your website up-to-date with the latest programming languages, database and security updates. Especially for WordPress, web maintenance is highly recommended.

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