Toronto WordPress Maintenance CompanyIf your website is built on WordPress and you are constantly having trouble maintaining your site then get in touch with us. At VOOFA Marketing, our team of WordPress developer and technical assistants are ready to tuneup your website at a minimum monthly cost. Check our plans HERE.

Your website security is important, especially with eCommerce (WooCommerce) being a key player with WordPress based sites. Proper maintenance for WordPress based website is crucial and if not updated on time can break your site. Where WordPress being one of the most popular content management system with 47% market share online offering thousands of templates, plugins, widgets and extensions, it is prone to hack and loopholes. This is a common factor with any content management system that is being used at such a large scale widely across the world.

Do you value your car? if you do, then you know how to maintain it! You must be doing regular maintenance on your car to keep it in good shape. Same is applicable for any website that is built online whether WordPress or any other CMS. Websites are vulnerable with loopholes that spammers, hackers, malware and virus can attack leading to complete interface crash. Therefore, updating your site is a MUST!

Why WordPress Technical Maintenance Is Important?

If you think that your website is worth your time and money, then better keep a close eye on maintaining it. A website is usually built with different applications put together to function the way you want the end results to be for your visitors. This may include applications for sliding pictures, image gallery, maps, contact forms, social media icons, favicons, property plugins, timer, analytics and what not. Each week new version of these applications are released to enhance security and fix vulnerability which helps in compatibility of various applications with each others. If these upgrades to the new versions are performed on time, this will lead to further vulnerability and site crash. Hence, it becomes mandatory to keep updating your site. For this we offer top of line security and technical maintenance plans. Check Our Security and Technical Maintenance Plans here.

All our packages offer great value to our customers on a monthly basis. This includes weekly antivirus scan, DNS and MX check, Server Configurations, Website Backup, WP Core Upgrades, HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP and related application & widget updates. We provide 100% hack removal and web relaunch guarantee to our customers. Our email support is available 24×5 between 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Do not wait anymore if you are struggling with your WordPress website. Call a technician today!

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