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Why YouTube Ads?

Reach 100% customers in a defined geographic location with YouTube video ads. Get more views on your videos and promote your website, apps, products and lead capturing landing pages on the worlds largest video channel. Promote your content to interested customers on YouTube and get them to buy your products and services. Google Brand Awareness where potential customers will be able to recognize your brand, increase conversions, recall rates and consideration. Reach your audience, connect with them, and measure your success!

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Monthly AD Management

Enhance Your Ad Performance by Expert Monitoring & Tweaking! This is essential for you get targeted leads and higher response with less pay per click dollar amount. We manage, monitor, tweak & report every month on the performance of your ads. This service include managing & changing existing campaign, text ads, keywords, and audience.

$250 / month

PPV monthly budget under $1000

$550 / month

PPV monthly budget under $5000

$750 / month

PPV monthly budget under $10,000

Add New Campaign & Ads

to your existing account

$150 / Campaign

Additional New Campaign Setup with 1 New Video

$75 / Ad

Additional 1 New Ad Setup within existing campaign

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YouTube AdWords Setup is a service where our PPC experts will setup your account for YouTube paid advertising on YouTube video network. We will design 1 call to action, keyword oriented advertisement on your account that will be submitted to YouTube for approval. Your domain URL will be verified and keyword, phrase list will be created to target specific demographic as per the audience & geographic locations. Daily budget and bidding cost will be set and all pay per view / pay per click payments will be made directly to Google Inc. through your ad account.

Powerful youtube ad setup with fresh YouTube channel setup – Cover design, social media share links, web url and ad video upload. All the traffic from YouTube will be sent to a compelling Sales Page – Landing Page, where leads will be captured using a form or schedule calander. With Google analytics integration and all the features from YouTube Ad Setup plan, All in One YouTube will kickstart your business sales!

Managing your advertisements, cost, budget, bidding, keyword list, demographic, and to keep on innovating strategy for better ad performance is a hassle for most of the business owners and therefore you must hire a YouTube expert. YouTube marketing interface is a very comprehensive tool and a small mistake can end us in campaign failure. YouTube Management is a service where our ad experts will monitor your campaigns on a monthly basis, making sure that you get the most number of clicks and conversions for every dollar you spend with Google.

If you wish to receive monthly reports on your ad performance, then opt in for YouTube Reporting. Our team will do intensive research and analysis on your ad groups, campaigns, keywords, location, bidding cost, daily budget, monthly clicks, impression and conversions. Your YouTube report will tell you exactly how you must steer your focus to make the ads more productive for your business. Want to know how many people visited your website, clicked on your ads, what was their behavior online? Its all about numbers and we send you these numbers!

Performance Report

$47 / Report

Your YouTube Ad Reporting

Get Higher Ranking on Google Organically

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Toronto YouTube Advertising

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VOOFA‘s core advertising model runs on R&D (Research and Development), therefore we are fond of researching and gathering data that produces results. We examine your target audience, their behaviors, target geographic locations and how their past content engagement history looks like – This gives us an edge over the rest of your competition. We want you to spend less and attain more and with our YouTube advertising services, you reach more people every minute and get crazy number of views, engagements and conversion actions. We also track your performance on a monthly basis while managing your ads everyday. Whether it is your campaign ad design, switching keywords, or locations,  VOOFA is your marketing partner that you have been looking for.