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A lot of times people ask us what is more important – Google Adwords or Organic SEO? Following is our answer to this question:

Google Adwords

First try to understand what Google Adwords means.. It is a paid service offered by Google to market your advertisement on top of the organic results. You will find these ads on most of the keywords that you type in the search field while looking for a certain query. They often mention them below the paid ads as “ADS”. On top and on the right hand side column you will find these paid ads that are created through Google Adwords.

Now, the question is how good or bad is to use Google Adwords Services? Well, our answer is – the more exposure you can get online, the better traffic your website receives that turns into potential sales. Know that Google Adwords works on bidding per click. The higher you bid, the better chance of getting your ad visible online for various keywords. Try to budget it right and get help from Google Adword experts. Send us an email to get started on Adwords:

Organic Search Engine Optimization

The organic search engine optimization is the method of crawling up on any search engine listing with no paid ads or manipulation of keywords (black hat techniques). This is achieved by inserting rich text in your website content, alt tags for pictures, right structure of the directories, coding framework, domain verification, social media promotions, blogs, landing pages, videos and a lot of other tactics that allows your website to be on top of Google listings.

As you can see in the above paragraph that organic search engine requires a hell of steps and work built over time. There are no tricks to success but there are always great tips to success, therefore talk to our Search Engine Optimization consultant to get started with your online presence.


We conclude by saying that both organic and paid advertisement have become and integral part of online marketing today. Set up your right budget for Google Adwords and keep on doing the organic search engine optimization by choosing the right marketing partner. As the competition for keywords is now becoming a big marketing war online, it is suggested to use both the tools with equal importance and drive as much traffic as you can to your website. Get in touch with us to learn more:

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