How do I start Social Media Marketing?

Search EngineCategory: MarketingHow do I start Social Media Marketing?
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VOOFA Staff answered 1 year ago

In order to start social media marketing, the first thing that tops the list is to understand what all social media networks you need for personal or business purpose. Where some businesses may use 4 different social media networks for marketing, other may require only 1 social media network. You can always consult a social media expert who can help you in deciding the right social media network for you.

Once you know what social media network you will be using, you should try to setup a free account and upload the necessary information such as the cover art, brand logo, phone number, email address, office address, call to action items, SEO keywords, and categories. Make sure that your business or personal page on social media looks compelling for your audience. If you need help setting and optimizing them, get advise or hire a social media expert.

For most of the major social media network such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube the accounts are free. So, get started with the page design and setup.

Now in order to begin the social media marketing, you should follow the steps given below:

  1. Setup your social media account and upload the necessary art and information
  2. Start posting on social media withe the right compelling message, picture, videos and hastags
  3. Always provide your website URL on every post, so that your audience know where to go
  4. Be consistent in your posts timing and never miss an opportunity to share others post on your page
  5. Share content that is engaging and always reply to the comments made by your audience on your post
  6. Use the paid advertising feature on social media to promote your post and ads
  7. Work with social media experts to create sales funnel for your posts and ads
  8. Use analytics and evaluate your work every month and change your post style accordingly
  9. Follow your followers and their content and work on a win win strategy
  10. Collaborate with people higher up in your niche and get access their audience

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