What are the risks of outsourcing marketing overseas?

Search EngineCategory: MarketingWhat are the risks of outsourcing marketing overseas?
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VOOFAVOOFA Staff answered 1 year ago

Outsourcing in common is very beneficial for businesses because it can tremendously help you save on various day to day costs. Outsourcing projects / marketing work with in your province, state or country is a great way to cut down the cost and get work done faster. But, outsourcing marketing to another country can be a nightmare for most businesses, because not every digital agency or web guy that is freelancing from another country understands the marketing needs of your country. There have been numerous cases of frauds, where people and businesses trusted companies overseas to work on a project and ended up becoming hostages to the domain and hosting accounts that they shared with those overseas freelancers.

Moreover one should be cautious about hiring digital agencies in their own countries as well, because there are so called “outsourcing agents” that would rent an office space in your city promoting themselves as a Canadian or US based company, but in real are outsourcing agents for China, India, Indonesia, Brazil etc. They make a commission on every project and do not take any responsibility or liability for completing your project.

Over the years we have seen those agents and their websites being displayed on the first page of Google and people getting scammed by these agents. Outsourcing agents do not take the liability or the responsibility to finish the projects and are easily replaceable by the companies overseas. That’s why you must do enough due diligence before hiring a company or else you will put your marketing project at a high risk.