What does a social media marketer do?

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VOOFAVOOFA Staff answered 4 months ago

The job of a social media marketer involves varied number of responsibilities, including knowing and using popular social media channels, trending optimized keywords, pictures, texts, hash tags and deeper understanding of how different brands influence different industries.

A Social Media Marketer (also called Social Media Strategist, or Social Media Expert) must be familiar with the identity, brand, products, services and the vision of the company when promoting on social media. These are very important aspects of social media marketing, because engaging content needs to be created with the right message in order to be conveyed to the audience on social media.  With the help of effective and engaging social media posts, a Social Media Marketer can help the businesses gain tens and thousands of followers.

The social media marketers should have a keen grasp of the online and offline engagements of the company, whether it is any promotions, news, new product launches and events. Knowing how to channel the right kind of engaging content is important. This involves engaging with followers on a daily basis, be it one on one interaction via tweets or Instagram and Facebook comments or even reaching a wider audience with curiosity-raising posts. The social media marketer needs to build a relationship with the followers and the ultimate goal is to turn those followers into customers in the long run, helping in generating revenue as the final motive.

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The social media marketer is also responsible for creating SEO for the company’s website through content creation and the right kind of social advertising. The marketer is responsible for the complete online profile of the company as viewed by the world on a wider basis. It certainly is a very important and responsible task.


Another key role of social media marketer is to run paid advertising on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram. Paid advertising helps to get web visitor’s traffic to your website and converts them into sales. We have helped thousands of customers with Social Media Paid Marketing. Check out our services here: