What is Viral Video Marketing?

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VOOFAVOOFA Staff answered 4 months ago

Viral Video Marketing means making your video content shared organically in your targeted audience. Viral Videos spreads online like a virus getting attention from endless potential soon to be subscribers and customers.  Viral videos are the best way to get your message across. The video is considered viral, when it crosses a number of shares, likes and views in a specific time frame within a niche.

Social media also plays a very important role in making your video an overnight sensation. There are a lot of examples of videos that went viral in a short span of time and created a buzz online. They resulted in increased sales, word-of-mouth publicity and more paid downloads.

Considering the number of videos that are being uploaded to YouTube and Vimeo every day, very few of them make it to the viral video list. Wonder what is different about those videos as compared to the run of the mill videos scattered around the webverse? Let us tell you.

  • First and foremost the video maker needs to remember the quality of the video. If one compromises on the quality, then there is no way the video is going to go viral. Your equipment, actors, content, story all of this needs to be on point and very creative and full of quality.
  • Secondly find out what compels people to share. People love to share videos which include humor, current affairs and even opinionated videos which match their beliefs. Remember an in depth research on what’s trending and what is doing the rounds on social media helps the most.
  • The help of fellow influencers always helps. Many videos go viral when famous celebrities with a huge fan following shares the video. You need to remember that the attention span of the average video watcher is really at par of that with a gold fish. You need hard hitting content which will spark emotions in the first ten seconds of the video and compel them to share.
  • Lastly remember the video should not be too promotional because that just makes the viewers not share it out of disdain.

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