Why do you need marketing?

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VOOFAVOOFA Staff answered 4 months ago

Marketing is the way to promote or spread the information / message related to your brand, products or services to the right audience in the most effective way. An in depth understanding of your brand, products, services, and clientele along with targeting interested potential consumers is an integral part of marketing. Therefore, if you have a product or service and you want to promote it, you need to do marketing, otherwise how will you reach them?

From promoting your products, services and brand to promoting yourself, your lifestyle and anything that requires customer attention requires marketing. You need marketing at every stage of selling your products and services. As a fact, word-of-mouth is a form of marketing.  If you told a friend about this restaurant you visited and loved, you are marketing it unknowingly!

If you want people to speak positively about your company, brand and products, you require marketing. To reach out to potential new clients, that people know about your brand and speaks about it positively. This is what marketing and marketing managers are hell bent on doing everyday. Taking the brand, goods or even the services and ensuring that the world knows of its existence.

You can have huge banner ads on every highway to spread the word, but the marketers know how to reach the same number of people in way cheaper and effective, not to mention timely way.

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