Richmond Hill Website Design CompanyIf you have a website that is not performing for you then you definitely requires a website checkup. To perform this check there are certain checklist points that every website must have in order to display correctly on the search engines. Do not make the mistake of ignoring your website design. Most of the people who have websites that are not performing for them end up over boosting the keyword optimization thinking that somehow the website will get higher ranking.

If your website does not have a good structure that comply with standard design parameters, you may end up with failure. Inserting keyword is now an old story and is almost forgotten by the new Google algorithm. Now, search engines want better content, better web structures and great functionality. So following is a quick checklist for you to see where your website stands:

  1. Your website must be mobile, tablet and laptop friendly (also called responsive)
  2. Your website must have CTA – Call to action buttons
  3. Your website directory hierarchy, files and folders must be properly established into the database
  4. Your domain age / registration must be at least for 5 years
  5. Security certificate must be installed on eCommerce websites
  6.  Website must have social share and social follow options
  7. Website must have proper tagging and location specific keywords
  8. Website must be connected with Google Places for better ranking
  9. The content of your website along with the menu must be properly laid out

So, if your website has all the standard parameters, then you should not worry at all. But, in case where your website is lacking these check points, you may want to fix it. Check out our price plans to learn how we create awesome Google friendly website. Further, we offer services for: