Top Internet Marketer TorontoIf you think that you are new to the internet and have absolutely no idea about how to get started online, then read the information below, as it will help you get on board with the current trends and strategies used for internet marketing.

We see that a lot of people who are not aware of the trends online especially entrepreneurs, small business owners and individuals who are looking to start marketing online using a website, social media, SEO etc. get into trouble by choosing the wrong people and marketing companies.

Technology is changing at a very fast pace and to keep up with such trends to gain more customers is not an easy task. Therefore, due to the lack of right knowledge, people get robbed online. This keeps on happening over and over again. Such frauds include – Domain Hijacking, Hosting Access Lockdown, Registration Fraud, Web Development Scam, Social Media Marketing Fraud and so called SEO Guru zero result fraud.

We at VOOFA have a combined experience of 20 years and we understand what works and what doesn’t. Looking at the growing number of frauds and novice like you becoming prey to them is obviously sad. You lose your valuable time and hard earned money!

Therefore, our virtual education department came with a solution for all the novice. We now offer NOVICE MODULE for all that want to learn the guidelines, strategies and more about online marketing. This include – How to build a success website, Whom to Hire, What all different avenues to look at when doing marketing online, Market Research, Product Testing etc. Below is a link where you can simply register for this 3 hr intensive online training courseware.