Toronto Web Design Budget TrendsIn this New Year 2017, where many of us have set our goals and resolutions towards achieving what we believe is best for our lives, some of us who are in business or starting up a new one are looking to make it big!!

Yes! 2017 is the year when you can really focus on expanding your existing business and hit your targets. Whether you are new business owner, entrepreneur, single parent working from home or even a business owner who is constantly looking to leverage your business, VOOFA Marketing Services is ready to serve you. 

Let’s begin with what is the most important aspect of running a successful business? Is it Sales? Marketing? Your Employees? Your Finances? or may be something that you are not focused on? Well, the answer is simple, it is your Mindset! Yep. A mindset of a successful business owner. Are you operating your business as a worker (slave) for your business or you operating as an owner? Think about it. 

Being a business owner can be tough especially when you don’t know what you want to achieve and whom to work with in order to achieve those goals. And, that is the reason why we emphasis a lot on working with industry experts. Working with an expert can change the whole dynamics of your business operations. We at VOOFA are your marketing partners and we have enough credentials to support our existence in the marketing world.

Once, you know that you have experts to work with, it becomes easy to achieve your set goals. It is almost like a mentor holding your hands and showing you which way to go. But, beware of all the people and companies that approach you everyday to sell something and have no credentials whatsoever. Should you trust them is the question? This is what we call Sales & Marketing NOISE! A noise that can deflect you from your set path and can lead you to spend your most valuable time and money with people and companies who claim to be an expert with nothing lucrative to offer. The decision will always remain in you hands and you must do your due diligence to get rid of the Marketing Noise and hire who is right for you.

Another important part of making your business successful with result oriented marketing is to budget it properly. We have made things easier for our customers as we sell different plans related to online and offline marketing. With our packages you can see what an actual website, social media page or flyer design should cost and what all you can get within that price. With other important budget components in mind such as how much you want spend on products, inventory, commissions, vendors, supplier, office rent etc. you must set aside a good amount for marketing. This should be enough for the whole year and should be a little bit more than what you decide to spend so that if in case or urgency you have it ready (risk management funds)

For a bullet proof marketing strategy you must set aside funds on an yearly basis for:

  1. Web Development and Maintenance
  2. Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO
  3. Branding & Brand Management
  4. Social Media Page Designs and Marketing
  5. Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Blogging
  6. Google Webmaster & Analytics
  7. Business Card Design & Print
  8. Flyer Design Or Brochure Design & Print
  9. Online eBrochure and Presentations
  10. Email Marketing and List Building
  11. Virtual Assistance, ebooks and affiliate marketing

Following are our services that can help you get started: