MIssissauga Web Design North York TorontoAre you looking for web design services to increase your online sales and get more customers? then you MUST read this and educate yourself before you hire someone to design your website.

The Web Design Question that You Must Ask Yourself

First, ask yourself as to why you want to get a website? only because everyone has a website and all your competitors have one.. or if it has become a compulsion for you to be online otherwise your business won’t be able to survive? Think about this question and come up with a real practical answer as to “Why I need a website?”

Why You Must Get A Website?

Well, if you are struggling with the answer then let us give you the answer. It has a two part answer:

  1. The reason why you must have a website is because you either already have a large client base and you are looking to display your portfolio of services and work to establish an online presence to keep pace with the technology so that when your old customers want to research about certain topics they can always go back to your site and if there is a new referral from your old client, they can see what you have done for your other clients.
  2. You have a business where you constantly require new customers and your website will play as a lead generating tool. Your website will drive immense traffic and leads so that your phone keeps on ringing bringing new business every day.

Preparing for Web Design

Now, once you know what your goal is.. you should start preparing for content that you want to put on your website.  This include text and pictures for web pages, contact information, links for your social media and terms and disclaimers. Check Our Web Design Packages and what is included.

Whom to Hire?

In business, preparation is everything and other than preparing the content for the site, you must do your due diligence in learning as much as you can about the web designer whom you wish to hire. When you go out looking for a web designer on website like Google, Craigslist, Kijiji, Bing, or Yahoo, you may find companies from small to large size businesses offering web services. Web design is a skill that is almost offered by 99% young college grads who have no experience to companies who have 10+ years of experience.

This is the time when you need to be cautious because you don’t want to hire someone who is doing web design for some quick cash, part time. Hire a company that has a track record of work experience. A company that knows beyond web design and is ready to help you with online marketing. Check Our Web Design Portfolio.

What to pay for web design?

Pricing depends on the size of the website. If you are looking for a 5 Page website design, you should not spend more than $1250. A 10 page web design should cost you more or less around $2250 max and anything beyond under $5k. Unless, you need a system oriented website, you should not pay any company huge amount of dollars. Learn more about our pricing structures here.