Toronto's Web Design CompanyWondering what is the secret to get more customers online in not just Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area but across Canada and United States? Whether you are a coach, B2B Specialist, Consultant, Small Business Owner, Entrepreneur or Corporate, customer lining up online to buy your products and services is the secret to a successful business. Following are the 5 secret tips to make this happen:

  1. Make Your Message Obvious: It is important that as soon as a web visitor, your potential customer land on your website, they understand your product and services. You must make it obvious by placing, impossible-to-miss, call-to-action button for your product and service detail. Your home page should have text describing why your products/services are better than your competition and how it can really help the customer. Your message must be simple and easy to understand!
  2. Promote Online Business, Offline: While you keep on doing online marketing, don’t forget to use the conventional method of promoting your business because don’t forget that after all, you are still dealing with humans and human interaction is what can make your business immensely successful. So, even if you have an online shop, make sure that you commit to go offline and share your expertise with your customers by either promoting your business through an event, handing over your business cards, flyers, brochures or by calling them to know about your special promo etc. You should promote your website in such events.
  3. Image speaks louder than text: Remember that as far as search engine goes, your text is what helps you rank higher on Google, Yahoo and Bing, but for a novice customer landing up on your site, they look at images to absorb the vision about your business. Use high quality pictures with defined message to increase your customer’s interest in your website.
  4. Using Social Media: With Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube, you can drive a lot of traffic towards your website. This will increase your sales. The technique to use here is to always include your website link to whatever you post on social media. Soon you will see customers flocking towards your site asking for more. As you know videos are getting bigger on the internet, therefore make some videos too.
  5. Smart Mobile Friendly Website Design: Unless your website is compatible to work with different resolution and device, you won’t see any progress with your online business. It is very important to get a mobile website so that customers using all different kind of devices can reach you.

If you liked what you just read above, you must be thinking if we can help you achieve this. The answer is YES!

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