North York Cheap Website DesignEverybody wants his or her website to rank higher on Google and get more free traffic with the help of search engine optimization (SEO). The practices of SEO have been changed a lot during the past several years. Google is determined to fight against low-quality pages, especially those that are over-optimized for keywords. Google has been constantly updating its algorithm to punish those websites. That’s why many SEO tips and tricks working a few years ago may not work now.

We don’t believe in SEO tips and tricks that are trying to game the system. We don’t think you should build your online business on this kind of shaky ground.

So what’s working now and what should you do?

Here are 5 essential SEO techniques that are still working now and will work:

  1. Use search engine friendly URL. Make sure you configure the permalink setting to create search engine friendly and human-readable urls. For example:
    The same rule applies to eCommerce website product pages.
  2. Pay attention to on-page SEO. For example:
    a) Include your keyword in your headline, meta description and file name.
    b) Use your keyword in h1, h2 and h3 headings.
    c) Your keyword should appear in the first paragraph and first sentences.
    d) Your keyword should appear in the last paragraph and the last sentence.
    e) You should include an image with an ALT tag and description that has your main keyword.
    f) Try to eliminate unnecessary outbound links and use “rel=nofollow” tag when you link to other sites.
  3. Broken links harm your search rankings. Use a broken link checker ( to find them and fix them.
  4. Build quality backlinks to your website. A backlink is a link from other website pointing back to your website. Google treats it as a vote to your site. As Google has incorporated other factors such as content and social signal to decide search results, backlinks will become less important. However, according to Google, backlinks will still be used in many years. So start to build quality backlinks from relevant site.
  5. Create fresh engaging content on a regular basis. Google loves to see new content on your website. Producing engaging content and sharing it on social media help your website rank higher and get more free traffic.

Search engine optimization is an on-going process and time-consuming. If you don’t have a big website, you can do it yourself by implementing the above techniques.

Be patient and form a good habit of creating search engine optimized content, you will be rewarded in the long run.

Please tell me what you think so far. Do you have any questions for us? We’d love to have your feedback.

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